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US-Backed Saudi Coalition Sends Over 10,000 Troops To Yemen’s Hodeidah

The Saudi-led military coalition in Yemen has sent more than 10,000 troops towards a strategic rebel-held port city ahead of a new assault, Yemeni government officials said on Tuesday. The pro-government coalition deployed the reinforcements to the Red Sea coast ahead of a new offensive on Hodeidah that will be launched “within days”, a military Read More…

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Two More Buses Full Of Civilians Bombed In Yemen, While The Government And Its Media Focus On One Man

Every critically thinking American should be truly ashamed by the astonishing hypocrisy with which the US government conducts itself, in particular with its foreign policy.  I have been tirelessly pointing out the true nature of the US-backed Saudi blockade and bombing campaigns, that are carried out under a guise of altruism, and how the current Read More…

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UN Condemns US-Backed Airstrike Killing 22 Children In Yemen

Just two weeks after a US-Saudi coalition airstrike on a school bus in Yemen killed some 40 children in an event which finally caught international media attention, there’s a new report that coalition jets have struck a camp for internally displaced people in the flashpoint region of Hodeidah. Pro-Houthi rebel outlets were the first to report the massacre, Read More…

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Media Silence After US-Backed Attack On Hospital Kills Dozens In Yemen

As some of America’s most prominent corporate media outlets continued their lengthy blackout of Yemen’s deepening humanitarian crisis—a catastrophe made possible by the U.S. government’s enthusiastic military and political support for Saudi Arabia’s years-long assault on the starving nation—the Saudi-led coalition on Thursday reportedly killed as many as 50 people and injured dozens more in a massive bombing campaign targeting the Yemeni Read More…

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US-Backed Saudi Coalition Air Strike On Fish Market Kills Scores In Yemen’s Hodeidah

Strikes come even as Yemen offers peace initiative to Saudi Arabia, and UN tries to secure Houthi proposed ceasefire Air strikes by a Saudi-led coalition on a fishing port and fish market in the Yemeni city of Hodeidah killed 26 people, Yemeni medical sources and aid agencies said on Thursday. The International Committee of the Red Read More…

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US And Saudis “Liberate” Yemen With Airstrikes On Civilians, Kill And Injure 84

Citizens in Hodeidah took to the streets to condemn these blatant attacks on human rights and the U.S.-Saudi invasion of Yemen. Sana’a – The coalition against the tiny Arabian country of Yemen has carried out dozens of airstrikes each day for the past two weeks. (Keep in mind, that’s only slightly more than usual.) Coalition countries Read More…