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US And Saudis “Liberate” Yemen With Airstrikes On Civilians, Kill And Injure 84

Citizens in Hodeidah took to the streets to condemn these blatant attacks on human rights and the U.S.-Saudi invasion of Yemen.

Sana’a – The coalition against the tiny Arabian country of Yemen has carried out dozens of airstrikes each day for the past two weeks. (Keep in mind, that’s only slightly more than usual.) Coalition countries like the United States, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates claim they are liberating Yemen from “Iranian-backed” militias, but in reality, the coalition is invading Yemen, murdering civilians, and leaving famine and disease in its wake.

Citizens in Hodeidah took to the streets to condemn these blatant attacks on human rights and the U.S.-Saudi invasion of Yemen.

In Hodeidah yesterday, airstrikes targeting a home killed seven civilians and injured four others.


On the same day, U.S.-backed Saudi warplanes launched 24 air raids near Midi, two raids in Taiz, nine raids throughout Sana’a, one air raid on a home in Sana’a with no reports of casualties, and several others across the country.

Artillery bombardment on the ground injured an elderly man in Saada province.

Aftermath of an attack from the US-Saudi coalition on a bus of refugees fleeing the airstrikes in Hodeidah. (Geopolitics Alert)

On Monday, the devastating attack in Hodeidah, U.S.-backed coalition warplanes terrorized civilians in Amran province by striking a home. The blast destroyed neighboring homes as well — nine died and 20 more were wounded. Eight of those killed belonged to the same family and the majority of deaths were teenagers and children. The youngest killed was just a few months old.

On June 25, coalition airstrikes targeted a security building in a very densely populated hub in Amran province. This lead to the death or injury of 24 civilians.

If that wasn’t enough carnage, on the same day, warplanes attacked a bus of internally displaced people fleeing the U.S.-Saudi invasion of Hodeidah. Nine were killed and 11 others wounded.

Demonstration in Hodeidah this week condemning the US-Saudi war. (Geopolitics Alert)

The U.S.-Saudi Coalition Against Yemen

Saudi Arabia launched a military campaign against Yemen in 2015 to prop up Riyadh’s puppet government and smash Yemen’s resistance movement. Yemeni resistance forces, Ansarullah (aka. the Houthis), currently control the capital city of Sana’a and most of Yemen’s northern provinces.

Ansarullah also controls Hodeidah port where 34 countries are assisting Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in their military operation, “Golden Victory,” to pry Hodeidah from indigenous Yemeni control.


The coalition initiated Golden Victory two weeks ago and has not made much progress despite receiving weaponry, materials, assistance, and troops from the United States, France, Canda, and United Kingdom. Not only is the war against Yemen a complete failure for Riyadh, but it’s also an embarrassment for countries like the United States who have outfitted and trained the Saudis and U.A.E. these past three years.

Experts estimate anywhere from 250,000 to 600,000 people could die if the Saudi coalition continues their attempts to advance on Hodeidah. As a port city, Hodeidah is one of Yemen’s most densely populated urban centers — it’s also one of the most impoverished.

The U.S.-Saudi-U.A.E. war against Yemen has killed or injured over 36,000 people. The blockade and siege have killed tens of thousands more because it restricts all imports, exports, movement, and financial transactions. The United States and western countries provide the Saudi coalition with bombs, refueling for planes, special forces ground training, and intelligence support for selecting airstrike targets.

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Randi Nord
Randi Nord is a journalist and co-founder of Geopolitics Alert. She covers U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East with a special focus on Yemen.

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