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If The Migrant Caravan Is An “Invasion” What’s The Term For What The US Is Doing In Syria, Iraq, etc.?

No, the 5,000 people fleeing violence—created by the United States—is not an invasion, but US tanks rolling through the streets of Syria certainly is. (TFTP) Depending on which side of the TV you get your information from, you’re either waiting for thousands of migrant women and children seeking their part of the American dream to Read More…

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Israel Kills Six Palestinians Within 24 Hours In Utter Disregard For Life

Amnesty urged the international community to “take concrete steps to stop the delivery and trade of arms and military equipment to Israel.” Amnesty International yesterday responded to Israeli forces’ killing of six Palestinians within a 24-hour period by accusing Israeli authorities of demonstrating an “utter disregard for right to life”. The international human rights group Read More…

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Watch | The US Is Facilitating War Crimes In Yemen

Since its inception, the United States has tried to portray itself as a defender of human rights both at home and globally. But, for well over three years, the children of Yemen have had to experience first-hand the worst oppression the US has to offer. Geopolitics Alert founder and editor, Randi Nord, participated in two Read More…

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Tulsi Gabbard Calls Out Trump’s Troubling Double Standard On al-Qaeda

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard marked 9/11 by pointing out that Donald Trump paid tribute to the victims of al-Qaeda even while protecting the terrorist group’s last stronghold in Syria – sparking a range of responses online. In a tweet written on the seventeenth anniversary of the tragic terrorist attacks, Gabbard noted that “while President Trump & VP Read More…

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17 Years After 9/11, US Counts al-Qaeda Among Allies In Syria, Yemen

The U.S.’ willingness to treat al-Nusra as an ally in Syria seems set to continue, given the Trump administration’s ultimate goal of targeting Iran’s influence in Syria as well as its newly “redefined” goal of regime change in Damascus. WASHINGTON – Less than two decades after the attacks of September 11, the U.S. government has now Read More…

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Israeli Forces Kill 17-Year-Old Palestinian On Gaza Border During Protest

At least 90 Palestinians were wounded with some being taken to hospital for treatment. A 17-year-old Palestinian was shot dead by Israeli forces on the Gaza border on Friday, according to local health sources. Bilal Khafaja, 17, was shot in the chest during skirmishes east of Rafah in southern Gaza, the Gaza Health Ministry said Read More…