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Jordan Coup Plot Was An Epic Failure For Saudi Arabia

On Saturday night Jordanian authorities reportedly foiled a coup plot against King Abdullah II, resulting in multiple arrests, yet despite confirmation that the plot to destabilize the country was organized with foreign powers, we have yet to hear any clarification. The string of arrests made by Jordanian security services was first reported by The Washington Read More…

Suez Canal
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Suez Canal Blockage Could Be Used By Israel/UAE To Justify Their New Trade Route

The ongoing blockage of the Suez Canal, which occurred this past Tuesday, has caused a financial catastrophe and could open up the way to justifying a newly proposed trade route between the UAE and Israel – especially with the Egyptian President silent on the issue. The 200,000 ton “Ever Given” ship, the size of the Read More…

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The Israel-UAE Project Which Will Damage Egypt And Force Saudi Normalization

The revival of the ‘new Hejaz railway’ project, between the United Arab Emirates and Israel, has been largely ignored by the Western media, despite having a significant impact on the direction of US President, Joe Biden’s, Middle East foreign policy. Proposed in 2018 Israel’s then Minister of Transportation, Israel Katz, had first brought up the Read More…

Saudi Arabia
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Is Saudi Arabia Turning Away From Israel And The UAE?

Saudi Arabia recently decided to end its three year long dispute with neighboring Qatar, in what many have seen as a ‘dramatic U-turn’, but what does this move show of Saudi’s regional maneuvering? In 2017, Saudi Arabia began to enforce what would become a three year long blockade on the State of Qatar following disputes Read More…

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US Registry Of Yemen’s Houthis As “Foreign Terrorist Organization” Only Serves To Exacerbate Genocide

The US Trump Administration announced this Monday that they would register Yemen’s Ansarallah (Houthis) Movement as a terrorist organisation, amidst fears from the UN of derailing peace talks between the group and the Saudi-backed opposition government. Yemen is currently facing the largest humanitarian crisis on the planet, with roughly 80% of the country’s population in Read More…

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Is Trump Looking To Attack Iran Before Leaving Office, And If So, How?

With the currently projected US President elect Joe Biden likely to take power in January 2021, current US President Donald Trump looks to be poised to commit a possible act of war against Iran. If Donald Trump is to commit to such an action, what are his options, who are his allies and why are Read More…