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Bilderberg 2016 (Coincidentally Ends as Orlando’s Coverage Begins)

This Monday, the 13th of June, marks the end of the Dresden, Germany hosted annual sociopolitical corporate summit, Bilderberg, for 2016. This year marks a tumultuous discourse of journalists and protesters with German police and sometimes by chance, actual Bilderberg attendants–with Luke Rudkowski even getting a brief public statement by Peter Thiel of his attendance (for Read More…

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Americans Argue Over Puppets While Global Masters Meet In Secrecy

Every four years, the illusion of democracy and accountable government is reinforced to the public by an expensive media circus and presidential election. Meanwhile, an annual conference of members of the world’s wealthiest and most influential is held in near-secrecy with little attention given to the significance of such a gathering. Why are we encouraged to vote for Read More…

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Monsanto Weed-killer Found in 14 Popular German Beers

Once again Monsanto is making headlines; and yet again, those headlines allude to a bigger picture of a company rife with corruption and deceitful practices, such as many suspected all along. German beer enthusiasts were shocked to find out on Thursday that an environmental group announced that it found traces of the widely used weed-killer ingredient glyphosate Read More…