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U.S. Calls For German Troops in Syria

U.S. Special Representative for Syria Engagement James Jeffrey has asked Germany to send in military personnel to replace U.S. troops to assist the Kurdish led Syrian-Democratic Forces (SDF) in the fight against terrorists. “We want ground troops from Germany to partially replace our soldiers,” Jeffrey told German press in Berlin on Friday. Jeffrey was in Berlin seeking Read More…

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Germany Halts Arms Exports To Saudi Arabia In Response To Assassination Of Journalist In Saudi Consulate In Istanbul

On October 21st, German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that Germany would stop arms exports to Saudi Arabia “for the time being.” The reasons for the decision are the vague circumstances around the disappearance and killing for Saudi Journalist Jamal Khashoggi. According to Merkel, Riyadh had not put the full facts surrounding the death “on the Read More…

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EU, Russia, Iran, And China Unveil New Global Payment System Independent Of US

In a stunning vote of “no confidence” in the US monopoly over global payment infrastructure, one month ago Germany’s foreign minister Heiko Maas called for the creation of a new payments system independent of the US that would allow Brussels to be independent in its financial operations from Washington and as a means of rescuing the nuclear deal Read More…

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‘Real’ Assassin Arrested In Staged Kiev Hit Linked To Ukrainian Intelligence As Official Story Unravels

The Ukrainian government’s staged assassination of anti-Putin journalist Arkady Babachenko has taken an even stranger turn, as evidence has emerged that his would-be “Russia-ordered” assassin and the man who supposedly hired him, both say they worked for Ukrainian counterintelligence, casting serious doubt on the official story.   To review, Ukrainian authorities announced last Tuesday that Babachenko Read More…

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UK, France, Germany Warn US Not To Block Them From Staying In Iran Nuclear Deal

Britain, France, and Germany have issued statements following President Trump’s withdrawal from the P5+1 nuclear deal, warning the US that they must “avoid taking action which obstructs” the rest of the signatories from continuing with the Iran nuclear deal. Iran plans to stay in the deal, as do the other P4+1 nations. This involves substantial Read More…

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Germany And OPCW Expose Syria Narrative, Gov’t Mind Control, & The Innocent Until Proven Guilty Lie

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (4/22/18). While the government’s Syria narrative continues to crumble, we need to take note of how this information is glaringly absent from all mainstream stations, not even to denounce Read More…