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CDC To Begin Detaining Travellers for Forced Vaccinations Unless You Do Something About It

There are times in our life when we need to put aside our daily personal struggles and turn our attention toward a greater issue. This is one of those times. Not since the Patriot Act of 2001 or the Canadian Bill C-15 of 2016 have we seen a proposal for the expansion of state powers that Read More…

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ALERT: CDC Giving Itself Unconstitutional Powers To Round Up And Detain Citizens En Masse

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention literally has overstepped its authority in proposing to grant itself powers that obviously negate any rights U.S. citizens thought they had by issuing the Proposed Rule “Control of Communicable Diseases” on August 15, 2016 wherein CDC will self-invest itself with the power to apprehend healthy people en Read More…

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A Third Of Americans “Will Have Only One Choice” On Their Obamacare Plan Next Year

Everyone was forced onto Obamacare. Now, it is collapsing… by design. Sadly, this was the plan all along – to completely socialize health care after the collapse of competition in this new government-backed monopoly market that represents approximately one-sixth of the entire U.S. economy. A stinking scam to take the whole thing over – and Read More…

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Greece Evacuates Thousands from Refugee Camps

A very large refugee camp in Greece, the Idomeni Camp on the border with Macedonia, is being evacuated this week. The migrants in the camp are being taken to specially designed facilities, and they must travel 50 miles south in order to get there. Riot police moved into the camp in order to begin evacuation, Read More…