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21st Century Demonology – Part 5: Cast Index, Ceremony, and the Metaphysic Ecosystem

“There all paradoxes seem to obtain actually, contradictions coexist logically, the effect is greater than the cause and the shadow more than the substance. Therein the visible melts into the unseen, the invisible is manifested openly, motion from place to place is accomplished without traversing the intervening distance, matter passes through matter. There two straight Read More…

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Pablo Escobar’s Big Fat Curse: The Strange Affair of Hippos Terrorizing Colombia

There is a serious problem lurking in the jungle rivers of Colombia – a menace that was left in the wake of one of the world’s most infamous criminals, to torment and afflict the country that murdered him. It is a strange, and terrifying byproduct of a historic drug cartel; one final gift from the Read More…

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Repeat Oil Spills Turning Peruvian Amazon into ‘Sacrifice Zone’ for Big Oil

‘The situation is criminal’ Less than six months after two horrific oil spills in the Peruvian Amazon devastated Indigenous communities and the local ecosystem, yet another spill in the region has been reported. On Friday afternoon, a leak was discovered in the Nothern Peruvian Pipeline—the same pipeline responsible for the earlier spills—that eventually coated over Read More…