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As Moderna’s Covid-19 Vaccine Takes The Lead, Its Chief Medical Officer’s Recent Promotion of “Gene-Editing Vaccines” Comes to Light

Moderna’s chief medical officer has described the company’s products as “hacking the software of life” and permanently altering a person’s genetic code. If Moderna is poised to bring the first Covid-19 vaccine to market, a deeper look at his comments and his employer are warranted. More and more frequently, government officials, political pundits and self-appointed Read More…

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India Ends Ties With Gates Foundation on Vaccines Over Worries of Big Pharma Influence

On February 28, 2017, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s (BMGF) support of India’s immunization program will cease to exist after the government has moved to sever ties with the billionaire’s organization. This move by the Indian state was largely prompted by fears that Big Pharma foreign donors associated with the BMGF could influence policy Read More…

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Zika Psyop To Justify Releasing Millions Of Bill Gates’ GM Mosquitoes In Florida

Classic Hegelian dialectic: we are seeing a ridiculous level of fearmongering over what has predominantly been a benign virus for decades right on cue to justify the proposed “emergency” release of millions of billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates’ $20 million genetically modified mosquitoes on a strongly opposed public in what will essentially be a giant science Read More…

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How Rich People Are Using Philanthropy As A Disguise

Society is made up of the collaborated efforts of people in the form of institutions. Institutions are investments people put in, and those with the most power to invest have the greatest influence on society. Behind The Mask Of the Cabal Despite the seeming equality we have achieved, the rich elite haven’t gone anywhere. They Read More…

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The Zika Virus and Mosquitoes: Origin Versus Outcome

The World Health Organization has declared Zika virus a global health emergency of international concern, which is only the fourth time in history such a declaration has been made. It’s projected that the virus could infect up to 4 million people this year, and scientists estimate as many as 1.5 million people could already be infected. It can be a difficult Read More…