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Ricky Varandas Interview – Fighting Back Against Big Tech Censorship & Creating A New Interface

Welcome to the TLAV Rokfin exclusive series. Joining me today is Ricky Varandas, host of The Ripple Effect Podcast, as well as the founding member if The Union Of The Unwanted. Ricky is here to discuss new community that he as created and why it is so important that we come band together in order Read More…

Free Will
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Do Humans Have Free Will? Not If Big Tech Wins!

Do humans have free will? That question has puzzled philosophers for millennia and has generated fierce debates. Perhaps the only thing more contentious than the question are the implications of its answer. If man has no free will, then how can there be moral responsibility? But don’t worry, dear frazzled philosophers! You can now rest Read More…

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New FCC Ruling Gives The Government Control Of 5G Internet Rollout

As the push towards 5G-powered “Smart” surveillance cities begins across the United States the Federal Communications Commission has approved a new rule limiting the power of local authorities. On Monday October 1st, Sacramento, Houston, Indianapolis and Los Angeles became the first cities to gain access to Verizon’s 5G Wireless service. The City of Sacramento has Read More…