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Syrian President Assad Says He’ll Work with Trump to Defeat ISIS

Advisers to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad have indicated Syria is ready to cooperate with President-elect Donald Trump.

Assad himself said in an interview on Tuesday that if the president-elect fulfills his pledge to fight ISIS, he will be a “natural ally.”

However, Assad has rightly identified the need for Syria to refrain from making any lasting judgments until Trump’s policies are out in the open.

“I would say this is promising, but can he deliver? Can he go in that regard? What about the countervailing forces within the administration, the mainstream media that were against him? How can he deal with it?” Assad questioned.

“That’s why we are very cautious in judging him, especially as he wasn’t in a political position before.”

Trump has gone on record to say the United States should not attack Assad and should instead focus on ISIS, a sentiment that eased the concerns of many members of the public who are keen to avoid another disastrous war in the Middle East.

However, despite Trump’s fondness for Russian President Vladimir Putin and a recent phone call in which it appeared Trump and the Russian leader were willing to renew relations between the two nuclear powers, Assad and the rest of the world are correct to not get ahead of themselves regarding any developments in this area.

Rudy Giuliani, the former New York mayor who is believed to be the frontrunner for Donald Trump’s future secretary of state, said the United States should threaten Russia with military force in order to contain Russia’s power in the global arena.’

“It’s our unwillingness under Obama to even threaten the use of our military that makes Russia so powerful,” Giuliani stated.

Russia has been a vital supporter of the current Syrian administration, and usually, any rhetoric regarding one can be deemed an attack on the other.

Trump’s amazing ability to say one thing — only to appoint people who clearly hold the opposite view — has plunged the world into a frighteningly uncertain future.

Darius Shahtahmasebi
Darius Shahtahmasebi is a New Zealand-based legal and political analyst, currently specializing in immigration, refugee and humanitarian law. Contact Darius: Support Darius' work on Patreon:

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