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Don’t Laugh — It’s Giving Putin What He Wants

The BBC has published an article titled “How Putin’s Russia turned humour into a weapon” about the Kremlin’s latest addition to its horrifying deadly hybrid warfare arsenal: comedy. The article is authored by Olga Robinson, whom the BBC, unhindered by any trace of self-awareness, has titled “Senior Journalist (Disinformation)”. Robinson demonstrates the qualifications and acumen which earned her that Read More…

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Putin: Chemical Attack In Aleppo Should Not Go Unpunished

On November 30, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said that the recent chemical attack launched by radical militants on the Syrian city of Aleppo shouldn’t go unpunished. “Such terrorists’ crimes should not have left unpunished, otherwise they will replicate such antics,” Putin said during a BRICS meeting on the sidelines of the G20 summit, according to Read More…

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Ukraine’s President Warns Of “Full-Scale War With Russia”

Since the 2014 Ukrainian revolution, top Ukrainian politicians have talked up the threat of an imminent, full-scale war in Russia. Years later, this continues to get raised every time a tense moment with Russia erupts. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is now citing Sunday’s maritime incident in the Sea of Azov, and says “Ukraine is under Read More…

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Putin: Russia Will Target European Countries That Host US Nukes

US officials say they don’t have any specific plans to send any new nuclear missiles to Europe, but the withdrawal from the Intermediate Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty seems to put them on a path to do so. That’s got Russia worried. Russian President Vladimir Putin says he wants to discuss the dangerous US pullout from Read More…

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Bolton Warns Russian Missile Sale To Syria Would Be “Significant Escalation”

Update: U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton said on Monday that the Russian plans to supply Syria with a S-300 missile system would be a “significant escalation” by Moscow and hopes it will reconsider. His statement follows the Russian announcement from early Monday that Russia will supply the surface-to-air missile system to Syria in two weeks, Read More…

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Putin: Israeli Missile Attack A Breach Of Syria’s Sovereignty

On Monday, Israeli warplanes attacked the Syrian coastal city of Latakia, firing a slew of missiles at the city, and ending up getting a Russian plane shot down. On Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin reacted, terming the attack a breach of Syrian sovereignty. While the downing of a Russian plane and the death of 15 Russian military Read More…