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Putin: Russia Will Target European Countries That Host US Nukes

US officials say they don’t have any specific plans to send any new nuclear missiles to Europe, but the withdrawal from the Intermediate Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty seems to put them on a path to do so. That’s got Russia worried.

Russian President Vladimir Putin says he wants to discuss the dangerous US pullout from the INF, and also warned that any European countries willingly hosting US nuclear missiles would be making themselves targets for the Russians.


Russia has made similar warnings in the past with respect to other US deployments, including missile defense systems targeting Russia. This has at times made such deployments unpopular domestically in those countries, though there has been no sign the US has ever been unable to put forces wherever they want so long as they can use Russia as an excuse.

That may not be the case this time, however, as some countries are already complaining about the US unilaterally pulling out of the INF. Germany in particular faulted the US for acting without considering the consequences for Europe, which does not suggest they’d be open to hosting US missiles as a result of the INF’s collapse.



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2 Replies to “Putin: Russia Will Target European Countries That Host US Nukes

  1. Hey guys,

    Germany is already ‘hosting’ lot’s of American A-Bombs + more than 50K US troops and of course there is Ramstein as well. Btw. all at the expense of the German taxpayer … not that you think the US would pay for their occupation. So, certainly we don’t need any rockets with nuclear warheads on our territory!

    However, the traitorous NWO-ZioCon bitch who is ruling us (M*rkel) will do everything the satanist cabal wants to do her.

    Cheers from the ‘heart of Europe’,


  2. I was in Germany about 2 years ago and the people I spoke with said they hated Merkel… Who is voting for her? Who supports her? Similar to Arizona who kept re-electing McCain even though most knew he was a traitorous deceiver.

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