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Syrian Army Reportedly Discovers European-Made Explosive And Toxic Device

According to sources in the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), Russia has moved a European-made chemical weapon device out of Syria. It was used by the radicals for producing explosive and highly toxic agents. The device was captured during the recent clashes with terrorists.

Moscow recently stated that the Free Syrian Army (FSA) along with the U.S. SOF had been preparing a chemical weapons provocation in Syria’s Deir Ezzor province.


Most likely, as predicted and warned, new video footage will soon emerge on the Internet showing ‘suffering Syrians’ poisoned and wounded by the alleged attack of the Syrian Air Force. We have already seen the same scenario both in Khan Sheikhoun and Eastern Ghouta.

It is clear that by spreading a new portion of fake videos the Western mainstream media will give a certain pretext for another airstrike from the U.S.-led international coalition on Syrian government facilities.

*These reports are as of yet unconfirmed, and it is unclear whether this was an old device from a previous attempt or one from a new staged event. However with the clear past of exactly this type of staged event following the warnings of both Russia and Syria, this seems all too likely. We will report more here as the story develops.


Firas Samuri
Firas Samuri is a contributer to The Last American Vagabond from Inside Syria Media Center.

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