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From Hastert To Liddy, It’s Clear There Is More To “PizzaGate,” But Let’s Stop Calling It That

The Last American Vagabond has been covering this investigation since the beginning, and in no way feels that what has been uncovered — such as the excellent and open-minded work of Press For Truth, SGT Report, Titus Frost and many others — is in any way diminished by the propaganda campaign that was used to specifically surround the term “pizzagate.” With all the attempts to distract and derail the true focal point of what has become known as pizzagate or pedogate, it is now imperative to make two very important distinctions.

First, We at The Last American Vagabond made the choice long ago to be willing to entertain any subject, regardless of how outside the box we felt it to be.

Bottom line: The people deserve the truth, on all fronts, even on the subjects many find hard to discuss. And this is despite the known fact that most who try to take this stance are cast-in with the fringe and painted as “crazy,” all for simply being willing to keep an open mind; what should be a core tenet in any fully functioning modern society. For us to disregard any topic without being willing to first entertain its data points, is not objectivity; that’s not journalism.

Now there are those out there who would balk at the term journalism, and claim that only one with a degree and an Ivy League education can be a real journalist. And to that, we simply say, then go read their work, and we wish you the best. Yet, sadly, we all know that person will not be kept truly informed, as the “real journalists” being referred to are part of a massive control mechanism that has risen up in place of what might once have been a multi-faceted network of able-minded investigators and researchers whose sole purpose was to find Truth, and bring it to the individual. Yet, as most are acutely aware, that is no longer the case, if ever it was. This is not to say that there aren’t those within this control mechanism still doing what they can to create positive change, yet it is not hyperbole today to say that the vast majority of mainstream media networks are controlled by both their corporate and political influences.

We, and many of whom we support as genuine in their intent, are simply average Americans who saw a societal need for honest reporting and genuine investigation, and chose to rise and fill that need. And for the many with such intentions, this came at great cost to both their daily lives and finances, as there is no real money in seeking truth; typically, quite the opposite. These groups are continually slandered by those either too distracted to acknowledge the true intentions of their outlets, or those too programmed to see the legitimacy of the content itself. With mainstream media no longer even feigning the desire to remain objective (yet they still make the hollow claim), their actions can not be misunderstood. 

Second, the topic of pedophilia being prevalent in high positions of governmental power.

That alone, is the only point of investigation that truly matters to any genuine investigator of this topic, and is one hundred percent verifiable by documented history. The distinction between the familiar name of “pizzagate,” what it has now come to represent, and the actual reason this investigation was started, must now be made due to the relentless efforts of mainstream media to obfuscate what has actually been uncovered. Similar to the way it hides the criminal activities of the Clinton campaign, revealed by leaked emails, behind the alleged source of those emails. But the fact remains, that what was in those emails, and proven true, was wholly disregarded thanks to what was clearly a very successful propaganda campaign. And anyone who dared address the very real crimes revealed in those emails was a “conspiracy theorist” and should not be trusted.

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This agenda is currently underway in order to belittle and discredit this investigation by making it appear crazy. Again, that’s despite people such as Dennis Hastert, a life-long friend of the Podestas and ex-Speaker of the House, being sent to prison and called a ‘serial child molester’ by the sentencing judge, or the fact that multiple child sex rings have been busted in the last 6 months that include both police officers and politicians, and some of which were in the United States.

Two of the most recent cases are currently the most relevant in regard to what should be the true focus of the investigation: pedophilia in positions of power. In march of this year, a Mayor in Kentucky was forced to call in the FBI due to such a high volume of officers being accused of ‘raping children.’ And in July, a California Deputy Attorney General was charged with multiple counts of possessing child pornography. All this is made to seem like isolated events while anyone calling attention to the clear connections are deemed lunatics spouting hair-brained theories. This is the classic government go-to operation used to make a topic seem fake. One would think we would be awake to this by now, after so many topics once thought to be “crazy” are now being revealed as true

The intention is to muddle the verifiable connections and incriminating information with the ever-growing catch-all beast that is now PizzaGate. It does not take a genius or historian to know that the government’s first move in trying to control anything is to infiltrate and lead it. As was seen in the Occupy movement, and many others, that were no doubt filled with genuine individuals, yet was led into irrelevance, from the top, by the FBI. 

As this investigation moves forward we must be cognizant of the very real danger this potential infiltration may pose, and likely already does. We must stay focused on the true culprits and not on the surrounding distractions and created in-fighting that is designed to pit a movement against itself, thereby proving that the movement was never serious to begin with, hence, cannot be trusted. It is high time we forgo the name that never fully addressed the real issue to begin with, and choose to call this what it is: An institutional failure and coverup of one of the most well hid secrets in American history. 

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3 Replies to “From Hastert To Liddy, It’s Clear There Is More To “PizzaGate,” But Let’s Stop Calling It That

  1. Food and sex have often gone together. But that has nothing to do with pediophila. My guess is that you know someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows Obama. Does this mean that you support Obama? Not everyone knows that eating pizza means that one is a pediophile. Also, if you draw a rainbow on your clothes, does that mean you are gay? Or if you wear pink, does this mean you are into breast cancer awareness. If you are wearing yellow does that mean that you are missing someone. What if you wearing the colors of gang, does this mean you are part of the gang? Sorry, but you are making too many inferences. We are ultimately all connected, and you have likely breathed the same air as a pediophile, which means that part of your cells are infested. I guarantee you, that we all have connections that can make us look terrible, if enough weird inferences are used.

    1. either a shill or completely asleep. Your arguements seem designed to fudge the issues. Random guess about Obama, various random, unrelated arguements that could almost make sense to someone who has been primed to accept these kind of arguements by MSM stooges. The point is your are dismsissing it because you don’t think it could happen or you believe the people here are “conspiracy nuts” and so cannot possibly be correct. Not because you have investigated the issue yourself. Remember your are not paranoid if people ARE out to get you. Likewise you can wear a tin hat and not be a nut if your theroies are correct. Either way I would not rule this out without seeing it disproved conclusively. That would be disrespectful to the potential victims.

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