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Media Launches “Full Frontal” Cover Attack On Trump Administration

Editor’s Note: Despite many in mainstream media still embarrassingly asserting their organizations have somehow retained their objectivity, and can still report in an unbiased fashion, it is now becoming shockingly clear that these organizations have pulled out all the stops and are now calling for open rebellion against the “democratically” elected leader of the country for which they so fervently claim to be fighting. As we have shown with our past coverage, TLAV has clearly not been an advocate for a Donald Trump presidency, yet we believe wholeheartedly that FACTS should play a factor in ones decision-making process, and not just emotion. One should be able to acknowledge when a good action takes place, regardless of which party the action came from. We feel that The Last American Vagabond is setting an example for all those who were opposed to Trump during the election, yet now desire to take a rational and logical approach to the aftermath, and not just allow those who would manipulate the emotions that we all feel, to do so for their own political ends. The magazine covers below show quite plainly that these organizations, and the vast majority of the corporate media,  are no longer even feigning objectivity. For all those seeking truthful information, and not just an organization that will regurgitate what you already want to hear, it should be clear where those answers can now be found in the modern landscape of news


Notice a theme here?

Bloomberg BusinessWeek(Insert hastily drafted, legally dubious, economically destabilizing executive order here)

TIMESteve Bannon, The Great Manipulator


The EconomistAn insurgent in the White House


Just lucky that America voted for this man through the constitutionally-defined electoral process and that a majority of Americans agree with his executive orders.

Perhaps these magazines above should follow Reuters lead:

  • Cover what matters in people’s lives and provide them the facts they need to make better decisions.
  • Get out into the country and learn more about how people live, what they think, what helps and hurts them, and how the government and its actions appear to them, not to us.


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