Mandatory Vaccination
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This U.S. State Has Already Established Legal Means for Mandatory Vaccinations

While the U.S. government and global health “authorities” debate how quickly they can roll out Contact Tracing surveillance programs and fast track vaccines, Americans are left wondering and debating over whether the vaccinations programs for COVID-19 might end up being mandatory. It is true that Donald Trump has acknowledged that, “We are looking for a Read More…

Executive Orders
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Trump Set To Outdo Both Bush And Obama On Executive Orders

While the U.S. governmental system of checks and balances often finds executive and legislative interests at odds, the most successful administrations have found ways to work together with Congress. The breakdown of that process has led to sharply increased reliance on executive orders. Despite portraying himself as a “master negotiator” throughout last year’s campaign, Donald Read More…

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Media Launches “Full Frontal” Cover Attack On Trump Administration

Editor’s Note: Despite many in mainstream media still embarrassingly asserting their organizations have somehow retained their objectivity, and can still report in an unbiased fashion, it is now becoming shockingly clear that these organizations have pulled out all the stops and are now calling for open rebellion against the “democratically” elected leader of the country for which Read More…

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Which Trump Trumps? – TLAV Political Roundtable

Following the official inauguration of President Donald Trump, that which many thought would never come to pass, there has been no shortage of the all too expected violent protests and hyperbolic demands; but we must ask ourselves, at what point do these protests turn into riots? And at what point was a peaceful protest turned into a Read More…

executive order
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Trump Signs Executive Order Forcing Continuation of DAPL & Keystone XL

In a move that is sure to cause a firestorm of controversy, Donald Trump signed Executive Orders at 11 a.m. EST, advancing the Dakota Access Pipeline as well as the Keystone XL. According to Reuters, U.S. President Donald Trump signed two executive actions on Tuesday to advance construction of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, an Read More…

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Trump Just Signed 3 Executive Orders, Withdraws US From TPP

As we previewed and was widely expected, President Trump has just signed 3 executive orders: one officially withdrawing the US from the Trans Pacific Partnership, a second one instituting a federal hiring freeze except for the military, and a 3rd executive order limiting abortion funding overseas. Pres Trump signs 3 Exec Orders including federal hiring Read More…