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Jim Carrey Mocks The Ego-Driven System Forcing Us To Believe We’re Not Enough

Last week Jim Carrey accepted his second Golden Globe award. And in newly awakened Jim Carrey fashion, he made quite clear how he feels about the Western focus on the ego-driven system which drives the American economy; a system that excels at making the vast majority of Americans feel as if they are simply not enough, or existing outside or separate from those with financial successful.

“I am two-time Golden Globe winner Jim Carrey. You know when I go to sleep at night, I’m not just a guy going to sleep, I’m two-time Golden Globe winner Jim Carrey going to get some well needed shuteye. And when I dream I don’t just dream any old dream, no sir, I dream about being three-time Golden Globe winning actor Jim Carrey. Because then I would be enough. It would finally be true, and I could stop this terrible search.”

Heavily laden with sarcasm, Carrey was attempting to make the point that one’s worth does not directly correspond with that of worldly and financial success, despite the constant barrage of subliminal and blatant messages to live, act, eat and think a certain way, that comes from just about every media platform. He says, with an almost momentary sense of hostility, that if and when he were to earn a third Golden Globe that, “then I would be enough;” making the point that this type of success is never enough. His sarcasm was most likely missed by the laughing star-filled crowd, many of which still recounting what they did or did not do, to not receive an award themselves.

The average person does not fit the mold of the modern perception of beauty and success, yet they are constantly pressured to feel unhappy with who they are. Jim Carrey has made his transformation well-known to those who would listen. He has used just about every platform at his disposal to spread his message of forgetting the modern pressure to look outside oneself to find meaning, and rather stresses the importance of beginning to find one’s meaning and happiness within. This is by no means a new message, yet is amazingly refreshing to see one as widely known as Jim Carrey using his influence to spread a message of hope to many of those who have begun to feel disconnected and disenfranchised.


Ryan Cristián
"Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see." - John Lennon Driven by a desire for accuracy, chef and independent news stalwart Ryan Cristián has a passion for the Truth. As a recent recipient of the Serena Shim Award For Uncompromising Integrity In Journalism, he understands that Americans want their news to be transparent, devoid of the opulence frothed out by today's corporate media. A cultured and insightful man with a worldly sense, Ryan's unjaded approach offers common sense to the individual racked by the ambiguous news cycle - a vicious and manipulative merry-go-round that keeps trenchant minds at a manageable distance from the truth. Avid writer & editor by day, Truth seeker by night, Ryan's reality defines what it means to be current.

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