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Potential Israeli-US Plan To Attack Iran Now Underway

Joe Biden is now considering the option of military action against Iran, whilst Israel advocates violence against the Islamic Republic as the only way forward. This is not only a betrayal of the Iran Nuclear Agreement and the US public, but may result in a regional war if tensions escalate further.

This Tuesday US National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, met with his Israeli counterpart, Eyal Hulata, in order to discuss the issue of combating Iran’s further enrichment of Uranium. Although the US National Security Advisor did advocate for the first course of action to be diplomatic and to restore the Obama-era JCPOA, he reiterated President Biden’s position that other action is available. It was clear that the US is essentially threatening Tehran, in order to push them to bow to American demands, which is an interesting way of putting “diplomacy first”.

The Israeli and US governments both believe in an evidence-free conspiracy theory, at the crux of which is a secret Iranian nuclear weapons program. The tinfoil hat wearing war-hawks believe that destroying Iran and placing it under Western influence, by way of millions dead, is the only cure to the Looney Tunes style caricatures they depict as operating the “top secret program,” which no expert on earth has any evidence exists.

US and Israeli intelligence was allegedly shared during this Tuesday’s meeting, allowing for both sides to reach a “baseline assessment” on the status of Iran’s alleged progress towards developing weapons of mass destruction. In January, Israel’s military chief, Aviv Kochavi, claimed that Iran could potentially attain nuclear weapons in “months, maybe even weeks”. We are now in October and there’s no nuclear bomb yet, however the conspiracy theory lives on. Somehow no matter how many times the Israeli establishment gets it provably wrong, they are still quoted as credible, even former Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who made predictions of this nature for 25 consecutive years.

Regardless of the mental gymnastics it takes to believe that Iran is pursuing the WMD’s that Israel and the US both possess themselves, the US being the only nation to ever use it on an enemy, the potential threats to Iran are very real.

Iran’s relations with Azerbaijan have quickly deteriorated over the past weeks, as Tehran emphasizes an Israeli presence inside Azerbaijan’s territory. “We certainly will not tolerate geopolitical change and map change in the Caucasus,” said Iranian Foreign Minister, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, in Moscow this Wednesday, going further to say “We have serious concerns about the presence of terrorists and Zionists in this region.”

In mid November last year, I detailed here on TLAV why Azerbaijan is the best staging ground for a larger proxy war against Iran, as an alternative to any direct war against the Islamic Revolutionary government in Tehran. Now we are seeing concerns over a potential war between Baku and Tehran raised internationally. It was clear to many analysts at the time that Azerbaijan’s victory over Armenia last year, allowing for them to declare sovereignty over the Nagorno-Karabakh area, was going to cause tensions. This is primarily due to the new customs and restrictions introduced for Iranian trucks and other means of transportation traveling through Karabakh. Prior to the war Iranian trucks could reach West Asia and Russia with much ease, which they are now helping Armenia to re-enable by aiding in the construction of a new road to bypass Azerbaijani territory.

A direct war between Iran and Azerbaijan would not be seen as a serious threat to Tehran, which could most certainly overcome it. Yet a proxy war, using the ethnic Azeri minority inside of Iran, could pose far more problems than just Azerbaijan’s military. There is also a threat that Israel and the US could seize such an opportunity in order to strike Iranian territory.

In addition, there is the possibility that Iran launches direct action against the Israeli regime in the event of a war with Azerbaijan; this could end up triggering a wider regional war. This means dragging in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza and even Yemen.

Perhaps the most outrageous part of all, is that the US and Israeli governments refuse to admit what their true intentions are when it comes to Iran. They continue to sell the same lie – to justify their imperialist aggression – that was used to invade Iraq. Despite that evidence-free conspiracy theory having been long since debunked, the Western media continues to push the very same lies.

Robert Inlakesh
Robert Inlakesh is a documentary filmmaker, journalist, writer, Middle-East analyst & news correspondent for The Last American Vagabond.

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