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Israel Launches Overnight Airstrikes On Syria Just After Netanyahu’s Re-election

Earlier this morning, the Israeli Air Force launched several airstrikes on the key Syrian city of Masyaf in the Hama Governorate. According to a military source near the scene of the airstrikes, the Israeli warplanes hit a number of sites near the Masyaf National Hospital.

The source said the Israeli airstrikes targeted some of the military storages in Masyaf; this resulted in several loud explosions that could be heard as far east as Hama city. He added that the S-300 system was not in use during the Israeli attack.

Masyaf is an important city because it is considered headquarters of the Tiger Forces and several other military units. The S-300 system has also been installed around the city.


A little before 3:00 A.M. (Beirut time) this morning, the Israeli Air Force struck the city of Masyaf in the western countryside of Hama.

The Israeli airstrikes struck the Syrian military’s positions around the Masyaf National Hospital; this would result in several explosions that could be heard throughout the Hama countryside.

A source in Masyaf said the Syrian military managed to shoot down some of the Israeli missiles; however, the latter would eventually overwhelm their targets.

At least three soldiers were wounded during the attack; they have been transferred to a nearby hospital for treatment, the source added.

Notably the Israeli assault comes a mere days after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu managed to hold on to power in a close election, and looks to go on to a record fifth term in office, where his foreign policy priority will continue to be countering Iran while seeking to prevent Tehran’s entrenchment in Syria.

Authored by Leith Aboufadel via Al Masdar News



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