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How to Create a Perfect Dating App

In today’s world, people have to constantly balance between different things like work, study, friends, and personal life, and, unfortunately, there is less and less time left for relationships. With the increasing number of people who have smartphones, mobile dating apps have begun to gain popularity, which allows us to communicate when we have a free minute. Nowadays, one of the most popular dating apps has 60 million users, one-fifth of whom use the application daily. In this article from UAbrides.com, it is explained how to create a dating startup that everyone will like.

  1. Your target audience. It shouldn’t be too big, but too small coverage will prevent you from reaching the desired number of downloads. For example, Tinder was aimed at millennials, who value their time and choose services for dating and communication that are simple.
  2. Registration via social networks. Twitter, Facebook, and Google account are popular ways to quickly register with many services and applications. Since users of dating services are interested in communicating and meeting with real people; registration in many applications is usually done using Facebook. Only OkCupid still allows users to register using email.
  3. Matching. In a split-second, the human brain decides whether a person in front of us is attractive or not, and applications should use this feature. The brain makes a decision, and the fingers are already swiping left or right. In this case, communication is possible only between users who have liked the photos of each other. This simple approach improves the impression of the service (after all, users chat only with those who are also interested in them) and creates a sense of privacy.
  4. Additional services. You should create an application that a user will want to share with friends. But for promotion, it is very important to figure out what users need to discuss your application. That is, you need to come up with additional services. Previously, such services were the “smart” couple matching algorithm, anonymous dating, and geolocation applications. It also includes the option of people who are near you, an application for sex only, and many other things. You too have to come up with such a “wow function”. This will make people download your app.
  5. Private chat rooms. The function is not new; however, it is an important part of dating apps.

How to make money out of your app?

Of course, a startup can’t do without it, but why not start brainstorming right from this difficult question? What will users be willing to pay for? Calls? Opportunity to contact those who didn’t like them? A celebrity date? We are sure that ideas for dating and communication applications have not yet exhausted itself. Moreover, we have one idea for you. You can create a free advertising application. This is one of the most common ways to earn income from your program. There are no restrictions on downloading. The goal of the developer is to recruit as many users as possible. Data on their behavior is then analyzed and made available to advertisers willing to pay for advertising.

How to give new life to old methods?

Here it is important not to limit yourself to only online services. See what happens in other markets, think about how people liked to communicate before the era of 24-hour access to the Internet had come. For example, the Hinge application has turned into a service one of the oldest and most reliable ways to meet – through mutual friends, information about which it draws from Facebook. You also should try to give new life to old methods that used other apps.

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