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‘High-Ranking People’ Protected Hillary Clinton From Being Indicted & The Truth Is Coming out

The 2016 presidential election presented a great deal of opportunity for us to begin to see through how our system of politics truly functions and what the goal of the deep state/media is within this entire charade.

It’s always serving in the early stages of these articles to make it clear, my (and CE’s) stance on Trump is simple, we don’t support the current political scene and we don’t choose any side nor any politician, we simply report on what’s actually happening, and facts that are not always presented in the mainstream, without an agenda.

In many ways, things people have been trying to raise awareness about became quite clear. Politicians buy the media to help gain public approval. Polls are used to help sway public opinion even if they are false. There is corruption within party systems to push certain candidates to the top. There is a bigger force at play, trying to get the public to vote a certain way for their own benefit.


Essentially, democracy is an illusion, and to think we truly live in democratic countries here in the western world is naive.

Remember when we learned the DNC was corrupted and Hillary’s camp conspired to push Sanders out of the race? Then of course the story became that it was Russian Hackers who caused all of this. This was an obvious tactic, for decades the media and deep state have been brainwashing Americans to fear and think Russia is the all time enemy. Many times Russia has served as a great scapegoat for the US to turn attention away from internal corruption and out to some ‘enemy.’ It has worked, but the truth is coming out more and more.

Former FBI Assistant Admits There Was Conspiracy

Now, with admissions from Former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom that there was a conspiracy in Washington to protect Hillary Clinton from indictment, we can see more clearly what is going on. Kallstrom added that the ongoing chaos in Trump’s cabinet may be a symptom of the plot. This suggests that Trump’s administration is somewhat infiltrated. But then again, when has an administration not been? Deep state agendas are always at play.

“Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people.” Theodor Roosevelt (source)

Who is sitting above the presidency?

“I think we have ample facts revealed to us during this last year-and-a-half that high-ranking people throughout government – not just the FBI – high-ranking people had a plot to not have Hillary Clinton, you know, indicted,” Kallstrom, a 27-year veteran of the FBI.

As we mentioned above, media is corrupted by powerful people to buy elections. Kallstrom alleged that both inter-departmental collusion and complicit media within the fourth estate helped to undermine the Trump campaign and subsequent cabinet. They also heavily pushed the RussiaGate narrative. Which was thoroughly debunked yet still heavily pushed in mainstream media.

Like many others, Kallstrom also shared that Obama’s CIA director, John Brennan, an extremely vocal critic of the Trump administration, was involved in manipulation.

“My sources tell me that he was leaking almost weekly and daily. He was taking that bunch of phoney crap supposedly from Russia, and peddling that through the Congress, all his buddies in the media, he was one of the active people. I’ve known him a long time.” stated Kallstrom.

Many in alternative media outlets covered these stories as they unfolded, but the mainstream kept very quiet about it and even kept turning people’s attention to other matters. Luckily, the power of alternative media has grown so strong that enough people are listening. Even though the ‘fake news’ agenda came forth, it didn’t work out well enough fast enough.


Media Cover Up & Russian Propaganda

As a 9 year vet in the media world, having founded Collective Evolution and building its media presence, watching what went on in the mainstream media during the election was obvious. Hillary was using the media to attempt to buy the election.

Never have I witnessed such a blatant one-sided run of stories during an election. First it was Hillary vs Sanders. Even though Sanders was clearly the one more suited for the influential position, he was pushed out by Hillary. Then it became Trump vs Hillary, or as the media sneakily put it, male vs female.

I don’t believe in how our political world functions. I don’t vote because I don’t consent to the illusion that voting does anything. I have spent much time and energy educating myself in the space to know that a president decides nothing, and that if we are interested in what will happen in a country, it’s wiser to pay attention to the deep state agenda than it is to the illusion being spread that the citizens have a say or choice.

Herein lies the beauty of what we have as an opportunity to learn. Simply, it’s time to wake up to how our world works and move from a world where we are willingly enslaved, to one where we can live from our hearts and thrive.

You see, all this political agenda stuff, identifying with one political side and fighting over which policy is best, is simply a reflection of a world that is not in touch with itself and operates from the mind and ego consistently. It’s effortful, confused and a struggle.

The more we get into our hearts, and see one another for who we truly are and live that truth, the more our wold will change and we won’t fall for this illusionary stuff anymore. This level of corruption only happens because we remain unconscious and continue to support it by voting and supporting the system in the way we do.

The Conscious Truth

The environment for us to see this more clearly in the everyday world is also showing up. Divides in the deep state have become clear. No longer can they pull off such mass manipulative events like 9/11 without people seeing through it all. Not only that, whistleblowers are coming out like crazy. It’s now time for people to realize that although the FBI, NSA, CIA and other intelligence agencies have been heavily corrupted by deep state agendas, they are still made up of people. Many of these people are going through a shift just like you and I, and they are starting to feel uneasy about what they are doing.

For that reason, whistleblowers come forward, people leak information, and people like Trump get into power. No, it does not mean Trump is ‘all good’ or anything. Much of what he is doing still isn’t about humanity thriving. It simply means he’s an outsider and is playing out a very different experience and agenda than the one we have been used to. In some ways, he is helping to break down the deep state which will be helpful to humanity in the long run. Clinton, Bush, Obama etc. They are all cut from the same cloth and would only have created an even more fascist state.

It’s also time for us to reflect. Hillary kept getting the female vote during the election, but does she truly represent what you would want in a female president? Lies, cheating, corruption, killing? Further, why would we vote for someone just because they are a man or a woman? Does this not reveal how silly and primitive our way of viewing politics truly is? Are we ready and clear at this point that the time to change this game is now? For Trump supporters, does Trump truly represent how you want our world to look? Can we truly thrive through his leadership?

It doesn’t serve us to simply hate on anyone and reduce our conversation about politics to “that person is evil, stupid or a terrible person etc.” We must challenge ourselves to see things for what they are, for what’s actually happening. Don’t forget, so much of what happens is simply the media manipulating you like they did with Hillary and RussiaGate, what’s happening beyond that?

It’s time for conscious conversation, and conscious media.



Joe Martino
Joe created CE 5 years ago and have been heavily at it since. I love inspiring others to find joy and make changes in their lives. Hands down the only other thing I am this passionate about is baseball.

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