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First Time At A Dispensary – Purchase Online Or Local?

Before 1996, you would have never imagined walking into a store to buy your marijuana. Pot has always have been purchased through shady ways like meeting up in weird places at random times. Some people tried to grow it but it’s not easy to grow high potency cannabis. Now you can simply walk into a store that is generally well lit with cannabis logos and wording.

When you walk in, you’re generally greeted by an employee or the security guard. This will also be in the waiting room. If it’s a busier dispensary, you will most likely sit and wait a few minutes before you can go in, especially at high traffic times.

Dispensary Etiquette

When you walk into the main dispensary room for the first time, you’re definitely feeling like a little kid in a candy shop. If you don’t know how that feels, walk into a cannabis store. With the amount of different strains and products, you can see so many different dispensary supplies.  You will feel overwhelmed with all the marijuana flowers, wax, edibles, vaporizers, glass pipes, joints and all the people around you. The first thing you will realize is the smell. It smells very strong but good!


There are truly many benefits to going to a dispensary, especially when you consider how you bought it before they were around. There is no more paranoia and the best part is you have someone specific to ask any questions about. Whether you want to a specific strain to accomplish something specific, you have someone who can help you.

Talk to Budtenders

Talking to a budtender can be very beneficial. If you are a medical marijuana patient, your budtender will be your guide on what you need. If you have specific symptoms you are using marijuana for, you want to make sure your strain or product will help. If you have anxiety, some strains will only make you more anxious. If you have ulcer and want to open up your appetite, not all strains give you munchies. Sometimes they may even suggest other cannabinoids like CBD for inflammation or seizures.

Check the Product Upfront

One of the biggest advantages to walking into a cannabis store is simply being able to physically meet the product. Some people don’t need a budtender and that’s fine. They like to smell, look and feel the buds instead. The way it looks and smells can say a lot about the weed strain.

Buying Weed Online

As more places are becoming legal, they are enacting new laws. Obviously shipping marijuana across state, county or provinces was never legal. With online dispensaries, Canada is now accepting cannabis shipment through the Canada Postal Service. This opens up the playing field to more revenue and taxes coming from cannabis.


One of the leading forms of selling online is dropshipping. Most people have been drop shipping marijuana in Canada. This is where people would open up an online dispensary even though they don’t keep any inventory. How it works is that you get a sale on your website and you have another company ship it out for you. You make money on the difference. The advantage to websites that drop ship is that they have a wider inventory. Since they don’t need to keep any stock, they can fill up the online store with a plethora of products.


There is obviously advantage and disadvantage to just about everything. Even drinking too much water isn’t safe! The benefits of buying online are greatly underappreciated but only if you have an expertise in marijuana. Many connoisseurs or cannabis experts already know how their body is acclimated to different strains. Wasting time and going out of their way to go to a dispensary is just a waste of time. With most of today’s pot smokers being professional doctors and lawyers, they don’t have time to waste.

Reading Reviews

One of the best reasons to buy online is the fact that you can do some homework on your marijuana or product before you buy it. For example, some people want to the best cbd oil for insomnia to help sleep better. With the vast amount of products at the dispensary, you’re not going to have your budtender know everything. Read up what the dispensaries menu includes and review those products to find what fits your needs.

More Info on the Cannabis

Depending on the dispensary, some of them have some info about the products active ingredients and other info. Leafly is the best source to find out more about your product. If the store has tested it, it will list the THC/CBD percentage, other phytocannabinoid or terpene information along with its genealogy. It’s great for medical patients who want to treat something specific.

Better Selection of Products

As mentioned previously, online stores will have a bigger inventory to look through. Not only will there be more cannabis based products but ancillary products like marijuana packaging, vaporizers, CBD oils, glass water pipes, rolling papers and much more. They can often be a little bit more expensive than a head shop or smoke shop but you will be saving time.


At the end of the day, with legalization sweeping through, online dispensaries are quickly becoming a thing. Canada has already established them. Not only is it creating more demand for jobs by fueling ancillary jobs like the postal workers in Canada.

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