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US General: Army Still Supporting Saudis in Yemen

Last week’s House vote on ending the US involvement in the war in Yemen saw repeated arguments that the US was no longer providing any direct support to the Saudi invasion. Maj. Gen. David Hill clarified over the weekend that the US Army is in fact still supporting the Saudis

While not going into a lot of detail on the matter, the general said that US support is in particular focused on helping the Saudis target their airstrikes to “minimize the risk of civilian casualties.”

That’s a risky admission, given the shocking number of civilians that have been consistently killed in Saudi airstrikes, and those civilian deaths are a major part of why Congress wants the US out of the war. 

Though the House voted to end US involvement in the war, the Senate still has to pass its own accompanying legislation on the matter. Even then, President Trump has threatened a veto, and it is unclear that Congress has enough support to override a veto. 



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