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Dr. Robert Malone Interview – Inventor Of mRNA Technology Censored For Speaking Out On Vaccine Risks

Joining me today is Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA technology used in the COVID-19 injections, here to discuss his concerns over their safety, and the way in which these genuine concerns are being suppressed and outright cenored in real time. 


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Ryan Cristián
"Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see." - John Lennon Driven by a desire for accuracy, chef and independent news stalwart Ryan Cristián has a passion for the Truth. As a recent recipient of the Serena Shim Award For Uncompromising Integrity In Journalism, he understands that Americans want their news to be transparent, devoid of the opulence frothed out by today's corporate media. A cultured and insightful man with a worldly sense, Ryan's unjaded approach offers common sense to the individual racked by the ambiguous news cycle - a vicious and manipulative merry-go-round that keeps trenchant minds at a manageable distance from the truth. Avid writer & editor by day, Truth seeker by night, Ryan's reality defines what it means to be current.

56 Replies to “Dr. Robert Malone Interview – Inventor Of mRNA Technology Censored For Speaking Out On Vaccine Risks

  1. I am genuinely interested to hear Ryan’s thoughts about how the discussion went.

    Thank you for getting Dr. Malone on, nice work!

      1. I agree!!! Why is Dr. Malone ONLY NOW talking about issues w/ the “vaccines”??? It speaks volumes that he waited almost 2 years… I just wish I understood exactly what that was – we can all guess that he feels safe enough now to discuss this. But even that’s not a satisfactory guesstimate.

      2. How would you expect him to know before it was even brought to market and how do you know he didn’t pose these issues to the FDA/CDC/NIH and was ignored. It is apparent he has talked with them about these issues and now what he SUSPECTED is being seen so he now finds ethically he must speak out. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. What we should be asking is WHY did President Trump push this mess and why does he continue to push it when the data indicates this vaccine will kill or disable more people than COVID did. Remember the CDC death rates from COVID are padded and only 6% of the reported deaths were FROM COVID. Trump knows the NIH is corrupt and he had known if for years. Just go listen to an interview he did with Michael Savage from 2015 on the corruption at the NIH. Trump KNOWS that vaccines are not safe and have not been safety tested for over 30 years (which is in direct violation of the 1986 National Childhood Vaccination Act) and asked RFJ Jr. to head up a committee to study the safety of vaccines then the committee was shut down after Trump put 2 Pfizer employees in the lead position at the CDC and HHS. These are the questions we should be asking at this point. We should not be challenging these brave doctors that are giving up their career and destroying their reputations by talking truth.

  2. Such an excellent interview. Dr. Malone is so interesting and shared so much knowledge.
    Hopefully his career is not in danger and he retains his place in history.
    Much respect to both for this. Will definitely have to rewatch as it has so much information.

  3. I must say that this man took a HUGE risk to speak out about the gene shots in this pivotal interview. It is very interesting to note that he was still unable to take it all all the way, over what we all know as the “conspiracy” of population extermination, when he stated a few times here that “I’m not ready to go there.” Way to risky and life threatening?? Guilty conscience?? Interesting that he mentioned the forbidden Nazi experiments. But where was he going with this if not to admit this very same situation is upon us again. Perhaps he’s already accepted that his career is now toast. Anyway, he’s at retirement age and sick with Long Covid syndrome. I think he felt he had to come clean some how. I admire his courage though and calm in the face of it all. And yet in the end, he admits little except finally that these gene therapies were pushed though too fast and are just too dangerous for humans. Yet, he seems to give the scientific community the benefit of the doubt, seeing his colleagues as perhaps flawed yet good people. And then he drops a bomb referencing “groupthink” as an explanation to this abhorrent behavior, almost excusing it as not their fault. He never once says that any of this massive harm on the public was intentional by anyone except perhaps discreetly implying the diabolical Mr. Fauci.

  4. I’d also like to comment on this man’s explanation of why the Nazis experimented on the Jews and other defenseless minorities, and it wasn’t as he said, for the “greater good” to win the war in Northern Europe. That explanation is just sanitized propaganda and a fairy tale. The purpose of these barbaric experiments, which have been elucidated in great detail in the book “Poisoner In Chief” was first to advance the Eugenics movement in Germany to create an Arian super race to rule the world and to kill off all undesirables. The victims of these brutal experiments endured extreme tortures of all kinds not just cold temperatures. This Genocide deemed certain human groups EXPENDABLE. I might add that this very same thinking of killing and sterilization of expendable people through experimentation was also done here in the US by imported ex-Nazis under the CIA’s Project Paperclip, and the mind control program under the CIA’s MK-Ultra secret project. I could go on about how this torture of the weak and defenseless has continued through modern history by US government personnel, citing for example, the gruesome tortures exposed at the prison complex in Abu Ghraib, Iraq, the endless wars of Obama, leading up to the deceptive psychological war against the American people that is occurring today.

  5. Dr Malone doesn’t “believe” in a global conspiracy. Very scientific. I tell you what doc, I’ll read your “madness of crowds” recommendation if you read dr John Colemans Committee of 300 &/or his book on The Tavestock institute of human relations. Deal?

    Thank you Ryan. Excellent journalism as usual.

  6. Unfortunately not a very challenging interview from Ryan. Very safe! “Question Everything” Ryan didn’t question much at all.

    1. He doesn’t do interviews that way from what I can tell. He lets the guest get their information and perspective out. He rarely challenges I’ve noticed. Theres different ways to interview. You dontbhave to push and challenge. An interview can simply be getting that person’s perspective. And that plays a very important overall role. How many interviews have we heard in our life that just get ruined from highlighting disagreement?

      Awhile back Ryan had Robbie Martin on and I was just waiting for Ryan to get Robbie to see the light on this covid issue, but almost not addressed at all. They talked about Palestine, if I recall.

      We’ve just gotten too used to confrontational journalism. Theres other ways.

    2. You clearly do not understand what interviews (not debates) are supposed to be about. I make my opinions clear every day on the show. This was about his opinion, as an expert, which does not automatically mean we agree. I do, however, agree with the vast majority of what he said. The broken nature of our aggressive political system and MSM have warped our perspective of journalism. Just because I did not challenge this highly educated expert on the very area of his expertise, as a researcher and aggregator, you call it “safe”. Think about how ridiculous that is..

      1. Ryan, I’m beginning to think that this high level doctor, a government consultant now “whistle blower”, is a plant. This “outing” is occurring almost simultaneously with the defection of a high level Communist Chinese expert to the US. It appears that both top level “defectors” are just getting a slap on the wrist from their governments and both are permitted a lot of exposure in the alt. media. Malone’s explanations are really vague here, blowing a smoke screen over the corruption that is innate in the Government sponsored Scientific community. Didn’t he say he worked for the Dept. of Defense??? DARPA has been developing bioweapons for decades! How can he not be involved with this Agenda in some capacity while being so deeply entrenched with the DOD and FDA? And why is he distancing himself, claiming not to be the true developer of the mRNA technology, pointing fingers at someone else? Is this psyop perhaps a kind of “brain manipulation” for vaccine skeptics and conservatives? A lot just doesn’t add up for me on this man. Plus he’s not the expert he’s touted to be, being essentially quite myopic on many topics he discusses that are outside of the realm of drug development.

      2. Ryan, you handled it professionally. Let Dr. Malone tell it as he feels is the best way to get this information out to the public. We can see he knows much more than what he is saying, but he is trying to help humanity. Do we really need to know more, the truth is the truth, we know within something smells but we have to be ready to handle the full truth properly if we are defeat fascism.

      3. Like you say “Do better everyday”, so looking back at my previous comment I’ll try to do better with this one. Maybe safe was the wrong word? Not sure

        This is not a slight on you Ryan it’s praise, your respect for your guest’s is impeccable. To say that you didn’t challenge is too state that I have confidence in your ability to do so with the all the knowledge you have on this subject. You can still have a deeply probing investigative and difficult interview without it becoming a debate, can’t you?

        Searching for an example of what I mean, I guess the one that comes to mind is the interview the Mexican actor Eugenio Derbez did with Fauci. He asked probing questions and got Fauci on his toes. Getting Robert Malone on his toes may not be such a bad thing. You did it a couple of times and it yielded great results.

      4. Yes, absolutely crucial to let him speak and get a good overview of where his thoughts lie. One is left head scratching at the difference between him and Dr Yeadon. Most compelling.

      5. I strongly believe that Malone is the perfect pawn in the Globalists’ newest game to encourage vaccinations by addressing how people think and feel about getting the vaccine, which could convince skeptics to vaccinate.
        “WEF 3 tactics to overcome COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy”
        From this WEF article:
        “They wish to change perceptions about hesitancy by using experts to overcome “vaccine misinformation,” in particular on social media. Previous research shows that having medical sources directly refute “inaccurate claims” online is particularly effective. Training and funding is needed to help medical, public health, and non-profit organisations actively respond to misinformation with “science-based evidence.”

    3. He actually did something he usually doesn’t do. He let the scientist expose himself. at least that is the way I interpreted the show. He let it flow just as exactly as he should have. did you listen?
      What a coup!

    4. Totally agree with you!

      Ryan, I hope you post my two comments and not retaliate for any reason. I love your show and you have been a huge truth teller about the phony Covid narrative and the counterfeit state of Israel. Don’t become a suck up to any of these so-called whistleblowers. They are puppets too!

      This Malone interview really turned my stomach. You let him talk. That’s good. That’s nice, but challenge the man. Ask him questions.

      This man is a liar. He contradicts himself and played this whole covid narrative safe. He gave credence to a “virus” that has NEVER been proven. Where is the proof? You don’t have to inflate numbers if it was real. Dr. Malone is a phony and I will expose him on my social media outlets. Also, be careful about this censorship stuff. LinkedIn? Seriously? Who cares!!! Look at who owns LinkedIn. This is all by design to make us think that they are really being censored. If that were the case, they would really censor them. What do I mean?

      Trump, for instance, is all over the place through other channels and people. It’s an illusion. Trump’s merchandise is sold everywhere too. It’s a huge game! The election BS was the smoke and mirrors for the censorship when it was really to set up the censorship for the truth about the medical tyranny and Va((ine propaganda to come.

      1. You are skeptical that the virus exists? I thought the interview was very good. What gets me is the level of skepticism and distrust of science and scientists expressed in the comments. One alluded to the idea hanging out with 6 nobel laureates was not a good idea. Omg. Two things: We are all bozos on this bus. We are human beings trying to do our best. Science is the only way to get to reality, not religious superstition or superstition in other forms. Experts are often wrong but if you are not a expert your chances of being right are better listening to them.

  7. Some aspects that popped up as Mr. Malone was discussing science, the FDA, regulatory capture and the stasi. First, what he does not mention are PCR tests. We all know they are virtually meaningless. PCR CAN be used under very specific circumstances do determine the “possibility” that something exists, and that would be for research purposes only. Malone goes on to mention HIV, ZIKA, and ebola. He also said he has worked for the defense department. He doesn’t seem to have the ability, or is unwilling, to tie certain data points together. Why is Darpa involved in the research of many of (I think all of them) these “viruses” before any of them were unleashed upon unsuspecting populations in the world? Why was the PCR used in the same manner during the “AIDS Crisis”? Where is all this going when we see the same patterns created since the Spanish Flu which was never a flu? Next, he seems to know where this is heading but won’t discuss it because of further censoring. He is in the midst of a worldwide fascist movement to censor any and all speech regarding science and
    “covid”. SARS-CoV-2 was never isolated and proven to be the cause of anything. There is something that made people sick and he has alluded to possible other causes in his scientific thinking, nonetheless the IFR is .0015 so why all of the propaganda? Why all of the fear mongering? Where is THAT research to prove SARS-CoV-2 is the real cause of this “pandemic”? What about that mention of the Russian scientist ? He really needs to go on offense here. These people know what is actually occurring but do not want to address it. You know how we get viruses? We get them injected and how does that happen? Through the vaccine process. I am convinced that we are being slowly killed through detrimental use of vaccines and HE KNOWS this! I have heard two interviews from this man and he alludes to what he actually knows but won’t go down that road. It wasn’t much of an interview as it was Mr. Malone controlling the conversation. I would like to hear him speak more candidly about all of these issues and one huge thing that is missing is SCIENTIFIC DEBATE. There is NONE. You, as always, did a great job in letting this guy speak. He clearly has no outlet left and is searching for places to get his message out. He has fallen victim to the largest fascist censoring in our lifetimes and yet he is reluctant to get into the real meat of this developing system of total control of all humans on the planet. What CAN be heard in his discussion with you are all of the undertones that he actually is aware of what is happening. Great job as always Ryan!

    1. Greg, you are spot on! I’ll be more blunt!

      Dr. Malone is full of shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      I don’t trust any of these former government employees. Zero, zilch, notta! They all concede to the existence of “a novel virus.” Really? This is where they all are in line with the phony Covid narrative. Dr. Malone admits he had covid? Are you kidding me??????????????? What a con man!!

      Now all these former government employees are coming out because people are waking up to the fact that it is the VAXXINE that is the real danger NOT the non-existent virus or cold, at best. They need to distract us with these so-called whistle blowers. They are not even whistle blowers or PEOPLE that had some moral or ethical epiphany!

      A former FDA guy. Are you kidding me?

      This is a one-world UN-backed agenda and USA is part of it. Dod, Darpa, HHS funded these experimental vaccines for a cold virus with over 99% survival rate. THIS IS NOT A PANDEMIC OR AN EMERGENCY. This is world-wide medical tyranny to bring us into this transhumanist — digital world of Ai + humanity and CONTROL!!!!! These central bankers and corporate globalists have found a way to take it all and rule it all — fear of a virus. Now, they have the technology and MSM to pull it off. Simple.

      Trump, damn it, signed the shut down order. He signed the experimental drug program. I will expose him until the day I die. Biden is transparent evil but Trump is the trojan horse that was selected on purpose to deceive the evangelicals, churches, and so-called conservatives. If Hillary Clinton (no fan at all) had done this, think about the outrage with the evangelicals and churches! It had to be a RINO — just like Bush Jr and 9.1.1. It is a clever move by the banks and federal reserve. Very clever. Trump has been a democrat all his life and is frankly the bottom of the barrel as a human and business man. A Zionist, Jew banker mafia surrogate. He and is anti-christ looking son-in-law Kushner.

      The common denominator in all of these former government employees is that they NEVER EVER NEVER address the elephant in the room! You can’t have a pandemic with over 99% survival rate of whatever “it” is. And, “it” has NEVER been proven or isolated. They REFUSE — YES, REFUSE, to talk about the PCR test. And, PCR is not a test. It’s a technique.

      I’m sick and tired of this BS and psycho-manipulation of these former govt employees. They are distracting us from the real truth. It is is a psyop that they control or we would already be dead if it were a real pandemic. It’s over 1 year now and there are thousands of people going about their business and yet we are still under TRUMP’S FAKE PANDEMIC NATIONAL EMERGENCY? You know why? It keeps the $$$ going to the state governors and companies to incentivize the BS as well as the experimental drugs blowing!! Gotta have an emergency order to keep the EUA going!!!!!!!

      WE ARE AT WAR AND IT IS A SPIRITUAL WAR. Choose today who you will serve? God or Satan and his advocates? It’s that simple.

      1. If you think the president of the US is in charge of anything think again. You saw Robinette sign all these orders on his first day as president. Do you think he actually read them. Not.

      2. Yes!!!! So many people listen to these shills, but they don’t notice that they insist that an isolated “virus” that NOBODY can produce, has somehow caused all of the illnesses that have occurred since the press started spreading their BS story. How did this alleged “virus” spread across the globe so quickly without those “hosts” being able to trot byte globe to sprinkle magic dust on everyone and everything? This virus myth magically can do whatever the latest hype says it can.

        We have been told that viruses are not alive. They need a host to replicate. But wait! There’s more. Big pHARMa also claims there are “live” viruses and “killed” viruses. Uhhhh, okay, uhhhh.

        These alleged viruses can magically spread by human breath, bats, chickens, swine, papaya… Right. Because nature just screws up so badly that we need the saviors who manufactures vaccines to “save the planet” once again. Didn’t they use that theme in their phony AGW scam? Yes.

        If you need a scare tactic, what is a better boogeyman than an invisible enemy that NO ONE CAN PROVE EXISTS? The process for allegedly isolating these infinitely tiny monstrosities requires such a process that I still cannot fathom how anyone can say ANY virus could have been isolated and genetically coded. It’s ludicrous.

        These electron micrographs are dead dead dead material that somehow proves that whatever they pick and choose is “the virus” BECAUSE THEY SAID SO, not because they proved any such thing.

  8. A little off topic but relevant perhaps as an adjunct to the way in which PEG is used in other drugs:
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     Using the experimental data various acoustical parameters were evaluated and particle-particle and
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    These are medications which are regularly administered involuntarily or with considerable coercion with inflated benefits and underplayed risks.

    1. Poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) is the most used polymer and also the gold standard for stealth polymers in the emerging field of polymer-based drug delivery. I noticed this use of PEG in experimental psychoactive drugs which are being forced on subjects without their consent. I witnessed the development of perfect circular skin eruptions on the tips of fingers with the continued use of Aripiprazole injections. This is the same lipid nanoparticle configuration as in the covid injections.

      The first approved PEGylated products have already been on the market for 20 years. A vast amount of clinical experience has since been gained with this polymer—not only benefits, but possible side effects and complications have also been found. The areas that might need consideration and more intensive and careful examination can be divided into the following categories: hypersensitivity, unexpected changes in pharmacokinetic behavior, toxic side products, and an antagonism arising from the easy degradation of the polymer under mechanical stress as a result of its ether structure and its non-biodegradability, as well as the resulting possible accumulation in the body. It is also known to cause serious inflammation and mortality in mice.

  9. Excellent interview but left me with some suspicions or I dont even know what, just some things struck an unfinished chord on my truth harp, somethings missing.

    I am stumbling over his reason to get the shot. Maybe thats just what happens when you are institutionalized, you lose common sense? It doesn’t add up to me, the reasoning. But I am hearing that reasoning everywhere. Dellinpole had doctor on recently who did the same damn for the same reason.

    There is definitely a correlation between how deep you are in the system and how that impacts your ability to question it. What makes James Lyons Wheeler so special.

    Many interesting and enlightening things in this interview. Gonna give it a 2nd run and check my perspective on it. Theres a lot going on here and I’m not sure I’m catching it all.

  10. Dr. Robert Malone Inventor Of mRNA got the Moderna vaccine because there was a rumour that it might help with long Covid.. REALLY !!!

    1. Thats what I am hung up on, too. Rumors? He made this decision based on rumors? I had tap backwards, did he really say that?

      I wouldn’t get into a car that was “rumored” to be a good car. Imagine buying a car because the salesman said it was rumored to be good. But is it good? Well, thats the rumor.

      This is why I bother my family.

  11. Great interview Ryan! Glad you finally had the chance to talk to Dr. Malone and get his perspective of the injection. You are absolutely correct when you explained how it was an interview (not a debate) Keep up the great work!!!

  12. Dr Malone is no friend to humanity. He clearly stated, “Tony Faucci is 80 yrs old – give him a break”……in his recent interview with Del Bigtree. The guy is no doubt one of the “brothers” in their destructive evil freemason club. Any human who wants us to forget what Faucci has done to America and to babies and pregnant women is a liar and an enemy. BTW, Hey Del??? Who are you really?

    1. The guy has friends in the industry and by downplaying Fauci was trying to beat around the obvious bush that tons of his friends are probably complicit in one way or another with crimes against humanity, and none of these eggheads want to face the truth of what they’ve done.

  13. I can’t imagine a better face to put to this scam. This guy still hasn’t figured out that hanging out with 6 nobel laureates is not a good thing yet and He seems to be covering his own ass more than anything else and for sure he hasn’t understood Yahweh’s first and most important command that He gave to Adam which was to Keep and Maintain everything just as He created it. How forgetfull must a person be to forget that Yahweh looked and saw that His creation was Perfect. Get yourself a concordance and look up the word and You will see it should have been translated Perfect. He can’t be Honest if He still believes in lies like the institute being an honorable place. No mention of PCR and You never asked him why if the sequence was done like he said first off, which I couldn’t believe you let him off the hook! if they had this sequence then why was it not made available to researchers? PCR is a xerox machine and cannot test for anything, all it ever can do is make copies of what is there, No mention. Knowing Sequence knows HIV and also how it can infect all known types of life ie. spores, fungi, bacteria, amoebas, Pig, Man…..everyone with The Mark of The Beast. No mention of the Spike Protein actually being a Prion and a source of building materials for Prions. The Only thing you did learn was it opens the blood brain barrier in the beginning, but because you don’t know about Prions you didn’t ask. He is making a whole bunch of excuses and If I had to guess I’d say He has his degree in Psychology of some sort and I get the CIA vibe big time. I call bullshit or CYA. It’s called Dead Man’s Blood in Yahweh’s Gematria, their is no guessing there, Nothing Pharma does will ever help till the last day of them, nothing they think is rational or based in reality, everything is a money making opportunity, Vampires

  14. This was an outstanding interview. Ryan let the man talk and because he didn’t interrupt and challenge we learned so much about what Mr. Malone thinks and what he knows as an insider scientist. Also, I agree with what RM and Greg Hay have to say about what Mr. Malone did and didn’t say about issues. This interview deserves an award!

  15. Ryan, if you are real, genuine, and believe in humanity and freedom, I pray and hope you watch yourself very carefully with people like Dr. Malone.


    IF this becomes a habit, I will stop listening and you will do more harm than good. These guys are planted to distract us and they all promote the vaccines and never address the non-existence or non-isolation of this thing called a virus. Never once did he address Dr. Mullis and the PCR technique that is NOT a diagnostic tool, period!

    BEWARE OF FORMER GOVERNMENT AND BIG PHARMA EMPLOYEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They didn’t go to work for the government and stay there for years for no reason. Think about it, Ryan!!!!! Do not let Dr. Malone or anyone like him doubt what you have done so beautifully — YOU DEBUNKED the BS THAT this phony phantom virus EXISTED TO BEGIN WITH!!! This phony phantom virus is just that.

  16. Thanks for the interview.
    I dont think he had any new information(can be mistaken), but we learned much about him.
    Like trying to make the FDA look incompetent and not criminal and diverting attention from an issue, fro example not explaining the shedding threw sweat and making a joke about sex.
    the last point i had was, when Ryan tried to get more detailed information he just got said many technical terms, like he wanted to say you are not part of the club.
    These are just some examples, but i think he is an arrogant smooth talker trying to do damage control.
    Maybe im fully overboard here, thats why im writing it to get other opinions.


  17. No mention of the ‘elephant in the room’ the PCR ‘test’…..very troubling/revealing perhaps??

    1. What about the integration into DNA discussion? Or the Lockdown science? Or the isolation topic? Gee, none of that was discussed as well, we must all be shills right? Or, just maybe, there is an endless amount of topics that we COULD have discussed. But this was a specific discussion about specific topics. Have you cared to look elsewhere, to see what I have repeatedly said about the PCR topic? Or what Dr. Malone has said? What’s troubling is the level of false certainty right now.

      1. “What’s troubling is the level of false certainty right now”
        What’s troubling is that legitimate doubts are being labeled as false certainty.
        I thought you got here by doubting stories and digging into the intent of the media and other groups. Why are you now shaming people for seeing that Malone is contradictory?

        Another good comment which set me off too “Dr. Robert Malone Inventor Of mRNA got the Moderna vaccine because there was a rumour that it might help with long Covid.. REALLY !!!”

        Oh yeah, let’s pretend that this educated man has no clue about ivermectin or getting vaccinated after having had immunity, that he sees the issues with mRNA yet goes ahead and gets the shot…

        Sorry Ryan, but none of this is false certainty. It’s legitimate doubts as to his claim of knowing things. If it were Fauci saying this, we would all be up in arms of the doublespeak. But we were sold the hopium that this guy was fighting for truth.
        Maybe you should get Dr. Martin on, who challenges the whole mRNA history and other viral patents.

        It’s happened with 9-11 truth and now it’s happening again.
        Brian Gerrish of UKcolumn interviewed by Reiner Fuellmich gives a lot of the background. Gerrish is not afraid to explain that even among the truth movement there is a lot of psychological manipulation involved.

      2. Who said I did not think some of his comments were contradictory? Not me. Why are you acting like I am saying doubting him is wrong, or that having doubts about his intentions is wrong? You are not listening. Which only makes my point. As always, listen, digest, question everything, and come to your own conclusions. But to dismiss someone outright as a shill, or just in general, because they espouse an idea you have decided is wrong, without all the information (since none of us have that) is quite literally false certainty. But I am sure you will disagree.

  18. I have one more thought to add to the mix here. Malone mentioned the “Delta variant” as the next thing we had to get through. The Delta Variant is 1% different that the “SARS-CoV-2 ” pretend genome sequence. there are over a thousand variants. Why the Delta? What is after the Delta Variant? Isn’t our immunity up to par at this point? Let’s logic this out for a minute and look down the road. Are we really going to see further lockdowns and mask “requirements” based on a 1% variant? Will this tip the scales for the globalists to institute their total control systems that they so lovingly crafted for us? This has gone so far overboard(note Australia) that only the most compliant sheep still believe in the fear mongering. What is next? The Epsilon variant, the Zeta Variant, the Zaire strain? How many science fiction games are we going to play before the planet snaps out of the mind control stupor aided and abetted by Malone and his colleagues? What was the real take away from Malone’s talk? Was he warning us about the vaccine or the Delta Variant ? He wasn’t himself afraid of the ADE? This just doesn’t add up for me. People are not biohazards, they never have been.

  19. Ryan the guy pushed the narrative that covid causes the same symptoms as the vaccine and went on and on about long covid which i doubt even exists. total shill for the drug companies.

  20. The other thing that stands out, and it drove me crazy because I really wanted an answer, but why couldn’t he get into the ARR V RRR numbers? Maybe he can’t stretch his neck that far out. He really threw a wall up on that one, then danced a bit and then shuffled on.

  21. Hmmmm…. I can’t give the gene therapy people any leeway for anything because all these guys forget that this WAS NOT a deadly emergency and did not necessitate all this craziness. I’ve yet to hear one of them admit that… they seem to just defend or explain the vaccine. Reality is — we did not need a vaccine.

  22. Great Interview, as usual. Thanks for getting the experts to speak on TLAV. Each one is different. I may not agree with every word, but always adds a lot to my knowledge.
    I’m stunned by the enormous amount of work that goes into each daily wrap up, and each interview. You and the other TLAV journalists give me courage.

  23. The tv show The Outer Limits from 1995 in season 1 episode 4 apparently unironically mentions “a humane urban enforcement weapon,” the “Deighton C viral agent” which “carries altered messenger RNA into targeted host cells,” I thought that was so surreal I had to share it.

  24. I was disappointed to learn that Dr Malone took the Maderna vaccine since his recent interviews have been on the concerns for these gene therapies. It was difficult to listen to him after that announcement.

  25. They keep the truth from us because they don’t want us to know the truth. They are more concerned with keeping the money flowing to big Pharma so in turn the money flows back to them in the form of grants any financial benefits to many even outside of big Pharma. Murdering a few million people in the process is of no concern to these people. How many doctors and researchers know the truth but in order to secure their grants continue to keep quiet?? Believe me there are many. They put their careers above human life. Vaccines ARE NOT SAFE. None of them. The US vaccinates more children than any other country yet we have the sickest children in all developed society. We are shooting things into the bodies of babies when their natural immune system has not even been developed. It does not take a PhD to figure out that when you do that the natural immune system is destroyed leaving our children opened to an array of autoimmune issues and we need to include Autism into that mix. Just follow the data showing how the rise in the number of childhood vaccines correlates with the rise in childhood illness (autism, allergies, asthma, IBS, anxiety, cancer etc.). Why are we giving new born babies in the first hour of life a HEP B vaccine? HEP B is a disease prevalent with prostitutes and drug addicts not new born babies. And this vaccine only lasts for 3 years. The reason they are giving our babies this vaccine is MONEY. Why parents allow their children to be shot up with this poison is beyond comprehension but I can only explain it by saying they have been lied to for so long about vaccines they no longer can handle the fact that they have been deceived. I totally disagree with this doctor that vaccines are a good thing because they are not. I don’t care how many degrees he has but sometimes common sense is a much better litmus test than degrees. Some of the dumbest people I know are the most highly educated. All you have to do is look into the eyes of children who have never been vaccinated.

  26. I’ve been questioning the mainstream narrative on Facebook over the last 24 hours and I’ve already been banned from commenting on posts.

    Part of my questioning has been sharing interviews like this one and others from this site.

    The reason given is that I was “misusing the feature by going too fast”

    Could they have provided a more nonsensical vague explanation if they tried?

    We’ve definitely stepped over a threshold of it tech censorship. I think Dr Malone is correct to mention State in the West having China envy.

  27. There have been consequences for him speaking out. Wikipedia entries have been edited to exclude him from the credit he is due to his work. In some cases his name has been excised from articles about his work and others have been credited with his work results. So I have been informed in recent articles I have read about him.
    I think it is not fair to lay blame on him about the vaccine. He appears to have worked and spoken in good faith, and it takes a lot of courage to speak contrary to the “standard official narrative.” I know of one MD in British Columbia, Canada who has had his hospital privileges cancelled for for speaking to the media about injuries in aboriginal people he works, caused by the vaccine.

  28. Excellent interview, the best I have seen with Dr. Malone. Lots of detail and clarity offered on some of the “foggy” areas. Thank you so much!

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