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The Deliberate Attack On Your Health And The Attempted Coverup And Distraction From The Truth

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours.

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I wanted to begin a little differently today, with a quick note to those of you who see the value in this broadcast, and the importance of questioning the mainstream narrative, as well as the two-party paradigm.

As William Faulkner said:

“Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people all over the world…would do this, it would change the earth.”

So spread the word, share this with those you care about, and even those you don’t. As the only way forward in this hyper-propagandized and intensely controlled information sphere, is to simply continue to speak the truth at all costs, until the very act of speaking truth is outlawed, which is the path we are on currently, and even then we stand on the highest soap box we can find and we speak that truth to those willing to listen. And hopefully we can reach one more individual who begins to see past that false certainly that is being forced into the mass consciousness.

As Betrand Russell said:

“The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser men so full of doubts.”

We discussed many solid solutions yesterday on Nathan’s Show, and that show was interestingly pulled and deleted from YouTube, but luckily it is now on DTube, and like everything I discuss, the link will be in the show notes. Many of the solutions we disused were related to personal changes to health, and fittingly many of the most important stories over the last 24 hours perfectly related — likely why the show was pulled.


What’s Wrong With Wheat?

Wheat has transformed dramatically since the inception of modern industrial agriculture. Almost everything about wheat has changed. The way it’s raised, the hybridization, the way it’s processed, and the amount that we’re eating.

These changes have done little good when it comes to the environment and our health. Through modern chemical farming, the food industry has destroyed the nutritional value of the wheat plant. In addition, the overuse of agrochemicals is slowly destroying our soil.

“Chemical fertilization leaves your foods and your crops deficient in vital minerals trace elements, micronutirents, because the soil is not getting those nutrients. Your soil is becoming desertified.” – Dr. Vandana Shiva, activist and author of Who Really Feeds the World

Due to our over-consumption of wheat, we are also destroying the body’s ability to digest it. As a result, many people are now faced with insidious health problems.

“As our diets are getting more and more nutrient void, and richer and richer in inflammatory compound, we are creating a perfect storm of events for chronic illness.” – Sarah Ballantyne, Ph. D., Health Advocate

Today, due to the chemical industry focusing on increasing yields as opposed to a healthier, more nourishing and nutritious product, we have a pervasive abundance of wheat. It is heavily subsidized, making it a cheap ingredient available for food products. Most are familiar with wheat in foods such as breads and pastas. But, it is also present in food additives, preservatives, flavorings, cosmetics, personal care products, supplements, medications, and drinks.

In support of the wheat industry, corporations and politicians have effectively sold the public on the idea that wheat needs to be an important part of our diet — just as it did with milk and red meat. These are two things that every modern dietitian will tell you are not only unnecessary for a healthy diet, but in many ways, detrimental.


One of the most popular, yet oddly the most contested chemicals used in wheat production is glyphosate, branded as Roundup. Regardless of countless red flags surrounding its safety, glyphosate use has increased multi-fold over the last few decades. In 1990, wheat crop in the U.S. was sprayed with over 497,000 pounds of glyphosate. In 2014, this increased 35-fold, to over 17.7 million pounds sprayed just in that one year

Glyphosate is, of course, just one of the chemicals that producers spray on wheat fields. In fact, farmers typically use chemicals as many as ten times during the growing process. This includes sprays they put on seeds to make them sprout. Hormone sprays are used to make the stalks strong and to make the plants seed at the same time. Furthermore, fumigants are used during the warehousing stage. Finally, producers will use even more chemicals during the food processing stage to speed up the production process.

“The same things that protect wheat from insects and disease, are the same things that are the most inflammatory for our bodies.” – Cindi O’Meara, Nutritionist and founder of Changing Habits

Inflammation is now being recognized as and connection to just about every illness and disease of concern for the human body. and most of our common habits, diets and practices are directly causing inflammation, which then leads to any number of issues in the associated areas of the body, from cancer to diabetes.

Monsanto’s Fingerprints All Over Newsweek’s Hit On Organic Food

“The campaign for organic food is a deceitful, expensive scam,” according to a Jan. 19 Newsweek article authored by Dr. Henry I. Miller of the Hoover Institution. If that name sounds familiar – Henry I. Miller – it may be because a scandal involving Miller was recently exposed, wherein had been caught publishing an article ghostwritten by Monsanto under his own name in Forbes.

As far as Monsanto is concerned this is hardly a new development, as we have seen them use other writers to push their agenda, and the company has even written legislation that was then used, without modification, and made into law. One of the most widely known, yet rarely discussed dirty secrets of the way this country operates, is that this is how lobbying works, yet in most cases they simply influence the a bill. But in Monsanto’s case, they are quite powerful and have many a politician in their pocket.


What was very recently openly disregarded as “conspiracy theory” by these very same MSM outlets, is now being pushed as “what must be done to save us from ourselves.”

In the case of Houston, a reporter did exactly that, informing the public that geoengineering projects were in our future and will be impacting Houston weather in coming years. The mindbender, as the article puts it, is the fact that mainstream outlets are now suggesting that once geoengineering begins (as if it has not already been going on for decades) it will be too dangerous to stop it, for the effects of the reversal would be totally devastating… Let that sink in. We covered Hurricane Harvey wherein we saw a hurricane re-intensify three times as it was over Houston… over land. So it should be quit clear to those willing to look, that these efforts are already in effect.

Iran Calls For Peace In The Middle East, Even While The US Is Exposed For Financing The Recent Protests

The U.S. State Department spent over $1 million to exploit unrest in Iran, investigative journalist Nafeez Ahmed reported last week. This is likely not new information for many (especially those watching this show) but it is still interesting nonetheless to see actual reports demonstrating the influence exerted and how much was paid in an attempt to destabilize yet another country. 

And even while this information is most certainly known to the upper echelons of the Iranian Government, Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif laid out the country’s proposed framework for bringing stability to the Middle East region, proposing that countries in the region come together to form common interests and fight common enemies rather than focusing squarely on their differences.


As rudimentary as this many seem to some, due primarily to outside influence the Middle East, and Africa for that matter, have devolved over many years, into the hostile and oppressive regions that they both are in many ways today. This is due in large part to regime change and outside forces maliciously putting into power those who might be more easily manipulated, and who would stoke unrest in the region allowing the justification for outside control.

Keeping you up to date on the text messages/Memo distraction

First, the newest “bombshell” today is that the FBI apparently leaks information to mainstream media outlets and both the FBI and mainstream media are biased corrupt.. you don’t say.

Second, is that the FBI shied away from investigating Clinton because they feared her wrath. Shocking. 

These may be groundbreaking revelations to those enslaved to MSM, but the independent media have been sounding that alarm for a decade, if not longer. Just look into the “Clinton Body Count,” which Titus Frost covered in an excellent documentary, and we have covered it meticulously — as those connected to the Clintons have a way of suddenly being “suicided” by stabbing themselves in the back, or shooting themselves twice in the head.

As I have been saying from the beginning, it’s not that these claims are devoid of fact, we know that is not the case, we have been calling attention to these things for a very long time, but this is being used to distract you, as I can almost guarantee this will not lead to anyone of note actually being held accountable. We have, right this moment, a mountain of verifiable crimes being eclipsed by these new/old revelations. We need to remember that we have yet to actually see this memo, or the counter memo, and in all of these cases and “new bombshells” we are simply taking the word of the very individuals and organizations who have been lying to us for years, as is their job.

U.S. And Turkey Agreed On The Assassination Of Kurdish Politicians And Field Commanders

After Turkey had unleashed a military operation in the north of Syria it became clear that Erdogan was ready for decisive actions on this issue. On January 25, the Kurdish command initiated the redeployment of its troops to the area of Manbij.

In response to these events, the American authorities began to seek for an output from a current situation. According to our sources in Afrin, Washington accepted the assassination of high-ranking and radical Kurdish field commanders and politicians with the help of the Turkish army in order to prevent further escalation of tension between NATO allies.

And we already seeing the result of this info, coming from the Anti-media, “Kurds Call on Syrian Government to Help Fight Turkey,” which goes directly against the US. The Kurds in Syria have now called on the regime of President Bashar Al-Assad to help them to fight against Turkish forces in the country’s north-western province of Afrin.

“We call on the Syrian state to carry out its sovereign obligations towards Afrin and protect its borders with Turkey from attacks of the Turkish occupier… and deploy its Syrian Armed Forces to secure the borders of the Afrin area.”

Which is sort of ridiculous when you understand that the Kurds, aligned with the US, up until recently at least, are there occupying Syrian territory, and now they want Assad’s help? This is a very interesting and confusing development, but it just shows that there is some deep, and ultimately double-crossing agendas here, that all seem to lead back to the US government.


To finish today, I wanted to point out that much of what we discuss here is painted as “anti-American,” when that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The reality is that the policies being carried out currently, under the guise of “American Interests” are overtly un-American, when one remembers the true values of this country, that seemed to have been forgotten in this fervor for security and geopolitical control.

It is important to point out that not all are villains either. Many within the current governmental structure fighting for these very authoritarian policies, likely think that what they are doing is for the good of Americans, or the good of the world even. Yet, it has now become more about winning than prosperity; more about success than peace.

We forget that all life has worth and deserves the right to liberty and justice, not just Americans. But In today’s nationalistic mindset, it doesn’t matter how many innocent lives are taken, as long as they are not American lives.

We must change the course we are on. Yet change does not mean we no longer control the US or ourselves, as many incorrectly assume we are arguing for. It simply means we are no longer forcefully bend others to the will of the US. We only dictate the path of our own lives, individually, and we must both find leaders willing to clear the way for such a path, as well as a governing structure that allows that to be possible, even if that means tearing down the one that refuses to allow the will of the people to be realized.

Please take the information discussed in the video above and research for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. As anyone telling you what the truth is, or claiming they have the answer, is likely leading you astray, for one reason or another. Stay Vigilant.

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