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U.S. Refocuses Attention On Iran

The Pentagon intends to expand the U.S. military presence in northern Syria even after the total elimination of ISIS, The Washington Post reported. The newspaper also said that the U.S. would support the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to pressure Assad and make concessions at United Nations-brokered peace talks in Geneva.

According to the White House, such a decision is caused by two factors. First, thus, the current administration allegedly seeks to prevent the appearance of “ISIS 2.0.” Secondly, the U.S. believes that the expansion of the military contingent will greatly accelerate the process of peaceful settlement of relations between the Syrian government and opposition.

Against the background of such ‘noble’ goals, it seems strange that, according to the newspaper, the U.S. administration plans to establish new local governance in Syria that opposes Bashar Assad and his allies. They believe this step will allegedly facilitate to establish a dialogue within the country.


However, a number of foreign experts agree that the U.S. intentions are solely aimed at the escalation of the situation in Syria and the prevention of Tehran from strengthening its influence in the region.

An American journalist Nicholas Geras working at the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) said that all the U.S. plans to expand its military presence in Syria indicated a way towards a broader strategy against Iran.

Such a position is shared by the head of the Middle East Studies Institute in Shanghai Wu Daohui. According to him, the establishment of the new U.S.-backed government will cause splits within the Syrian society. This, in its turn, will inevitably affect the further deterioration of the situation in the country, and hinder the planned development of strategically important cooperation with Iran.

Obviously, the White House does not intend to abandon its ambitions in the Middle East. Nowadays, the U.S. administration decided to refocus its attention on Iran. The latest developments in Syria, Iraq and the Gulf countries are a confirmation of this.

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