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Breaking News: Iran May Have Shutdown the Strait of Hormuz

Social media observers have raised concerns regarding the strategic water way known as the strait of Hormuz. No ship has passed the strait for over 15 hours now. Some would suggest that a certain amount of traffic is common due to technical and mechanical problems that periodically occur, yet the abnormal congestion can be seen Read More…

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Two US Navy Ships Seized Upon Entering Iranian Waters

Earlier today, January 12th, it was announced by the White House that two US Navy ships had been seized for “illegally trespassing” in Iranian waters. 10 sailors total, US officials maintain the story that the Navy ships were having “mechanical difficulties,” which brings little explanation as to why there were reportedly around 2 kilometers deep Read More…

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Homeland Security Official Struggles to Answer Basic Questions on Visas and Security

The Department of Homeland Security displayed a level of incompetence that borders on apathy when discussing the topic of refugees and the Visa Wavier Program. In a time wrought with potential dangers from abroad, it would seem that the very institution intended to protect the nation from international threats, is quite simply, failing the American people. The Read More…

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Switzerland Follows Iceland in Declaring War Against the Banksters

“If you want to continue to be slaves of the banks and pay the cost of your own slavery, then let bankers continue to create money and control credit.” – Josiah Stamp Iceland has gained the admiration of populists in recent years by doing that which no other nation in the world seems to be willing Read More…

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How Big Oil Conquered the World: New James Corbett Documentary

It’s common sense today that the most vital resource running human society is oil. Oil has utterly transformed the way of life in the world today, essentially taking civilization from an agrarian, decentralized society to that of a centralized technologically industrial society. Unfortunately, most living today haven’t even come to fathom the cataclysmic shift in Read More…

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I Helped Create ISIS: A First Hand Account of the Iraq War

Recently teleSUR released an article with a first hand account of the barbarism that took place during the Iraqi war. Told by Vincent Emanuele, who was stationed in Iraq with the 1st Battalion, 7th Marines, 2003-2005, he pulls the veil from the horrors that were allowed to take place following the invasion of Iraq. He goes on to discuss how Read More…