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Breaking Video: White Helmets Prepare Chemical Weapons Provocation In Syria’s Idlib

Editor’s Note: While just about anything in today’s malleable electronic world can be manipulated, and should be viewed through an appropriate lens of skepticism, with all the previous information we have shared on this site about the creation of yet another “rebel” staged chemical attack in Idlib, this footage appears to be another example of that reality. Yet, as always, view the video below and come to your own conclusions. 

On Sept. 14, 2018, the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) announced that it had hacked a mobile phone of a White Helmets “activist.” He is alleged to be involved in staging a chemical provocation in Idlib Governorate.

The video published in SEA Facebook community initially demonstrates what they claim to be the conversation between the White Helmets representatives Abu Maaz and Abu Manzar discussing the details of the upcoming provocation. Further, we can see the scenes of covert videotaping. The video contains the alleged training of the locals on how to imitate chemical weapons poisoning.

According to SEA, the representatives of the Civil Defence alongside Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) jihadists keep shooting staged videos in Idlib Province to spread them in social networks and mainstream media on command of their sponsors. Thus, the West will try to blame Assad for using chemical weapons against his nation.


Firas Samuri
Firas Samuri is a contributer to The Last American Vagabond from Inside Syria Media Center.

3 Replies to “Breaking Video: White Helmets Prepare Chemical Weapons Provocation In Syria’s Idlib

  1. I was under the impression that White Helmets and Doctors Without Borders is the same thing. You have a different perception. Would you be willing to explain your perception. I’ve donated a lot of money to Doctors Without Borders.

    1. Oh no, very different organizations. The White Helmets are the creation of a UK intelligence officer, and they are a propaganda organization that has been repeatedly shown to not only work exclusively in terrorist-held areas, but to actually be a part of the extremist groups themselves. But as always, do the research and make up your mind for yourself. I recommend the work of Vanessa Beeley (who I just had another interview with: ) and/or just search “White Helmets” on The Last American Vagabond search bar. Appreciate the question, and happy to clear that up.

  2. The Beeley interview was informative… especially the information about the so-called “White Helmets”. I suspect that they are receiving big support from the sex-trafficking & organ harvesting sectors so as to keep their supply lines for fresh meat open Do not forget the Clintons and Haiti, these kinds of people thrive on the human tragedy caused by natural & man-made disasters.

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