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Trump: Trojan, Traitor, or Tried and True?

I risked losing my fellow anti-establishment readers in September by suggesting Trump may be an establishment Trojan horse. After seeing Trump choose Pence as VP and a Goldman Sachs exec as campaign finance manager, I was concerned the establishment knew a citizen’s revolt was brewing and made sure that even the road to revolt led back to Rome. Read More…

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The Road to Recovery: Global Epocalypse Inevitable According to Trump’s Chief and World’s Largest Failing Bank

The financial end of the world, an economic apocalypse, is here. A funny thing happened on the road to recovery: Trump’s chief strategist admitted his view of the Trumpian future looks like the Great Depression. Even the world’s largest bank just said global financial default is the preferable way out and most likely way out of the Great Recession Read More…

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Hillary’s Hell Week Is Stock Market’s Longest Losing Streak in 36 Years

Last week I wrote that election week would be Hell Week all across the United States because of rage and violence and contested election results (regardless of who appears to win). I also warned that the week now past would prove to be a turbulent precursor to the coming chaos. True to that prediction, the week that started appropriately with Halloween turned into Hillary’s own personal Hell Read More…