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Whitney Webb Interview – Stolen Crypto, Lies & Divison: Setting The Record Straight

Joining me today is Whitney Webb, here to discuss, clarify and hopefully put to bed, a situation that both Whitney and myself have tried to put behind us in favor of the much more important work to be done. This is the topic of $16k in cryptocurrency that was stolen from Whitney’s crypto wallet, and the individual responsible based entirely on the evidence being presented today, which demonstrates the track record of dishonestly and deception that followed. This same individual has carried on spreading baseless claims ever since, which is in fact what spurred this interview into being. This is not about division or personal/political differences, this is about clarity and setting the record straight. 


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Ryan Cristián
"Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see." - John Lennon Driven by a desire for accuracy, chef and independent news stalwart Ryan Cristián has a passion for the Truth. As a recent recipient of the Serena Shim Award For Uncompromising Integrity In Journalism, he understands that Americans want their news to be transparent, devoid of the opulence frothed out by today's corporate media. A cultured and insightful man with a worldly sense, Ryan's unjaded approach offers common sense to the individual racked by the ambiguous news cycle - a vicious and manipulative merry-go-round that keeps trenchant minds at a manageable distance from the truth. Avid writer & editor by day, Truth seeker by night, Ryan's reality defines what it means to be current.

16 Replies to “Whitney Webb Interview – Stolen Crypto, Lies & Divison: Setting The Record Straight

  1. Crypto: Congress Dawdles as $1.7 Trillion Con-Game Goes Unregulated, Threatening Reputation of U.S. Markets –
    Not to be unkind, but the risk you take buying into the ideology of cryptocurrency (capitalism) is not worth the potential reward. Fiat money is also a scam, to be fair, but the advent of cryptocurrencies will do nothing to correct the wealth gap, and if you’re not onboard the crypto bus, those who are will feel no obligation to deal with inequality they contribute to directly and indirectly. I advocate for metanoein – a genuine break from any economic system that encourages exchange of arbitrary tokens “of value” that is ultimately relative and transient. We need to go beyond even the barter system; Everybody working for free, reciprocity without any fees – I understand how easily this is considered nothing more than a pie in the sky way of thinking… but acting as if life cannot go on without the existence of money is in fact utterly false (hundreds of thousands of years passed before the meme of money became a fixture of society, and the only thing which maintains it’s alleged importance to society is reification/belief.
    If you could do the work you do, without monetary exchange, would you still do it? Or is human beings getting paid money such an important, ‘immortal’ concept that there will be no future in which humans exist without the (unnecessary) evil of money?

  2. Whitney, Ryan…we love you both to death. Keep up your amazing work, pls. And Whitney, pls, don’t you worry and curtainly not too much. Focus! You don’t need a guy in your life, it’s obsolete, it’s not necessary to survive, you’lle be just fine. The answers aren’t yond, just across the stream…and that we can handle, together. We will cross this stream too. ‘They’ have found your soft spot…just don’t let ’em. Love4ever!


  3. Holy crap, you mean to tell me the girl with the huge brains has been available all this time? And you just sat there like a fag/friend? You are young and bold as can be when it comes to reporting things that will get you shut down but no balls when it comes to the really important things in life, damn I was right!!! Yep I said it, I said you would not get up the nerve to grab yourself THE girl of your dreams and you know she is. Brains like that are damn near impossible to find and my advice to you is if the current dude loses his position….Jump Froggy Jump. When the swimsuit girls body is old and wrinkled her brains will still be fresh and by then she’ll be so smart that she will either have whipped your ass in this race or you will have the matching set, thing is with her you would get both as she is obviously hotter than the rocks in my driveway. It’s almost like you guys forget who your audience is and how much they love you, what the hell is with all the apologies you two, what the fuck do you have to apologize for? This video reminds me of a case I put together once, of course I never did anything with it because I’m just too nice but when dealing with someone who was supposed to be your friend it is a real pain in the ass to get and keep all the facts straight. With that in mind you guys did a great job and were very respectful, sometimes public pressure is the best way to get something solved but honestly the way you guys did it is way more civil than the way I planned over and over in my mind. Getting ripped off wouldn’t even bother me it’s happened so many times but the person talking shit like that is wrong and the dumbf#@K deserves all the attention he gets. I wonder if whitney the brain knows you have the hots for her yet? It’s so obvious Ryan. Be glad Whitney isn’t a thief Ryan because she could get you to do anything she wanted you to. If you’re scared dude you should be scared but scared of letting such a rare gem get away from your lonely ass. If you decide to whip the dude’s ass Ryan, please film it so we can all watch! I’ve thrown down with a few Puerto Ricanos and they can bang so it would be fun to watch, especially if he keeps talking shit and can’t be nice. I feel a jump-rope song coming on!!!

  4. I’m with Whitney and Ryan on this private story. Really sad and not helping the struggle to see this. But the discussions and different opinions about Crypto as in ‘Crypto in general’ (non private issues) meaning digital currency AND any other technocratic use are something entirely different! When discussing global Crypto-science and -tools, what they are and who is behind it and (mis-)using it and what side obviously invented it, I have to say that Ryan, Derrick & Co. seem to be blind to the truth and obviously behind recent developments. I really don’t get it how Alison McDowell now came into the crossfire, but it is VERY, VERY IMPORTANT WHAT ALISON IS RESEARCHING IF NOT ‘THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUES LONGTERM’ and SADLY her research is almost entirely missing in Ryans and Whitney’s work. They most probably have profited from the Ponzi Scheme of crypto currency as early adaptors and forget what it really is and what all the other uses of crypto have been invented for (more ponzi schemes, health control state, x uses for technocratic control and suppression systems). Why does Ryan and Whitney never report about these issues which are at the core of what happens now and is planned for the future by the NWO?!

    1. Not in the slightest, but your baseless assumptions are sure entertaining. First, as I have said repeatedly, including to Alison (and she promptly blocked me), there are obvious dangers here, and her work is important, I have even written articles on exactly that (guess you missed that in your extensive due diligence that led to you claiming we are part of some Ponzi scheme), but I have differing opinions regarding the use of it in general. Not absolutes, opinions. Only one side here has absolutes, and “lines in the sand”. Anyone who actually listens to what we say, and actually looks at the work, can see how aggressively we are all being misrepresented.

      1. I’ve got an absolute that none of you ever mention….ready? Its completely worthless if the power goes out and the only winners are those who got work from you or possesions that you turned into digital money. It’s almost as if the whole world thinks it’s impossible for the power to go out even though it’s absolutely in their plans and they’ve made that clear. your bible tells you a nuclear war is coming that is going to burn the entire earth in less than one hour. Only a nuclear exchange can darken the sun and whether that is possible was settled long long ago. So settled that after it was settled we went about making bombs that solely give off an EMP and we can knock the power out of an entire half the planet with one bomb precisely placed, then your crypto is worthless. It also tells you that people are going to be throwing their gold and silver into the streets, hmm ever wonder why? Think 10-15 million degrees and the two best conductors of heat that we know of and you’ll be close. I wonder why every nation spent a shitload of their money on Nuclear weapons, oh I know, it must be because they have no intention of using them! LOL
        Chemists buy chemicals to do chemistry, not to sit on the shelves and collect dust and when chemists make fireworks it is because they are going to use them. These crazy idiots who are running the governments are all crazy and power mad hungry, they also intend on using them and coming out on top in the end. Considering the scum have invented or created out of worthless paper and thin air…Quadrillions of fake dollars the amount your crypto could spike is without limits and so long as you spend it before the big light show it’s all good. I don’t know why people get all upset over another person’s choices with their own money. I couldn’t care less about what you do with your money or where you store it and I’ll tell you right now you are insane if you are not storing your treasure where you heart is supposed to be, screw security as that is the dumbest thing you could hope for when we have criminals and bastards running everything, the only secure thing is buy food now before they start blowing up the natural gas pipelines which is coming real soon because once they are down the power will go off because of this simple and easy to remember rule of the stupid. Every Nuclear Power Plant must have a coal power plant because if the fail and you don’t have coal as backup……you end up with another fukushima and one more of those could end everything we as humans have been doing. I noticed you replied to dude but didn’t say anything about what I wrote, does that mean mine are not baseless assumptions Ryan? Hey whatever you do, don’t go showing your feelings in public here for all to read. In case you don’t know but I know you do know….I was just messin with you Ryan above, if you only end up with Whitney as your lifelong friend, well that will be one more friend than what I’ve got and you already know why, coz I’m a dick. I do however wish nothing but success to both of you and a public warning to any dickhead thinking of ripping either of you off. If you end up in my basement with introvenious anti-biotic drips in both arms and there I am playing with my blowtorch, don’t kid yourself….you know what comes next so best idea is don’t fuck with my friends.
        Just for clarification Ryan does not consider me a friend, he thinks I’m crazy and that my mind is full of holes but that doesn’t deter me from still liking the guy, I mean who works harder than this dude. Yeah I know this was a reply to you but sometimes I forget who I’m talking to, must be the holes. I wonder what used to be in those holes, damn if I’m crazy now imagine what I must have been like before the accident with the Hg! Dude be glad that the idiots who talk shit about you actually have their own thoughts and know a thing, it could be sockpuppets with a script and don’t take their bullshit so seriously. Both of those two above are so into money that it has corrupted the common sense that should prevail. My best friend was turned inside out by 16 years of economics classes and when he finally got his degree he was a complete idiot without any logic onboard so who gives a rats ass what these analytical idiots dream up. It’s obvious Ryan that you are not a thief or cheat but some people don’t have the eye, those that do are laughing at such a stupid accusation.

  5. REAL textbook Narcissist Personality Disorder behavior. Once recognized, it doesn’t feel so appalling. Whitney, you’ve nothing to feel ashamed of. On the contrary, your courage in calling out a serious wrong doing is not admirable, but brought forth from your right to self preservation.

  6. Take it easy guys, I got gaslighted by someone secretive for a year, not sure I ever really knew them, refused to prove their intentions, journalistic thinking only thing saved me from cult thinking. When relationships are psychological warfare. Free your mind.

  7. Dearest Whitney and Ryan, I’m so moved… proud of you both. Whitney, your courage in sharing some very personal vulnerability just polishes my already great admiration for you.
    Alas, so many broken, emotional robot-pod-people (including some of the comments above) are not able to see both, the depth of character one requires to MAKE such an open public disclosure, (of what is, in fact, a serious psychic violation… on many levels) – nor the deep, nourishing effect your courage and integrity will have on our human community… our spirit of resistance.
    i.e., there’s a special kind of energy that flows out when the very ‘political’ person is also able to be very personal; as it has a unique and vital healing power; where, with the evidence you meticulously provide, (by very judicial, unprejudiced reporting) you’ve made it easy for the ‘radical community’ to recognize a thief and predator, and also to give Alison a chance to see the WHOLE picture and make her choice, (which everyone else can see).
    As Dr. Micheal Yeadon says, “I’ve told you (people) the truth; and if you don’t want to hear it,… there’s nothing more I can do.”
    Again, as you both say: you recognize Alison’s important research; and we should all be able to see valuable gifts in a given person, (which may or may not be accompanied by certain identifiable weaknesses, naivete, dogmatism, etc).
    You’re setting the record straight.
    You’ve done a very difficult thing, yet in your personal example of courage and fairness,
    you give us strength to acknowledge how easily the ‘resistance-movement’ can be divided, (whether through mis-understanding, chemistry, ideology, or more-serious infraction) and how important it is that we be willing to TALK within ‘the movement’: to constructively critique, and/or call-out for bad behavior, (and know the difference).
    The one area where I may have some sympathy with Raoul is with the ‘puppy love’ he may have originally have had for you; for if may say, you are off-the-scale adorable… a charming, spirited, lovely lass… which so greatly compliments your fierce attention-to-detail and strong moral focus. Great congrats on your special love and child to come.
    Thank you for persevering through all this. Your ability to still stay focused and produce seminal work makes my head spin; and while I thought to express sympathy for how you’ve suffered, the fact that you’ve pulled through and are clearing the air, gutsy… reminds me, ‘what doesn’t grind us down polishes us up.’ You’re going to be stronger for this, as we’re stronger with you.
    And Ryan, you are a true gentleman and a good friend. As a man who’s heart flutters every time I hear Whitney’s voice, who feels proud and protective of her even though we’ve never met and live thousands of miles apart, you make me proud as a man, that one of my brothers is stepping up and quietly, warmly exemplifying what it means to be properly loving and supportive of a dear, deserving sister.
    You enrich my life, man.

    To a new way, a new day.

    Roul’s character-corruption is clearly-indicated. There’s plenty of historical experience indicating how intelligent people can also be very dishonest/malicious – the titanic twit Eric Hufschmidt denouncing the 9-11 truth “bowel” movement comes to mind. The necessity for BOTH, rational clarity and emotional integrity (in social movements) is often obscured behind the outer wall of the first half only.
    Here we have a pathological liar who can’t stop the chain. Yet there’s also the possibility that he may have had some help… (recalling here that ALL our communications are monitored – especially Whitney’s). He may have been ‘contacted’ before taking the 10k, (giving him extra incentive) or after he showed his colors. They may have even jumped in along the way… adding dimensions of attack (on you) without his knowing, (hacks on you, to back up his paranoia and/or investment in the lie). Somebody may be manipulating/playing him while he messes with you. He seems to have enlisted a whole campaign of lies, manipulation, and seduction/poisoning of other voices… across the broader ‘radical’ community… indicating a rare breed of futhermucker or…
    Pure speculation here. You may have just been unlucky, Whitney; but the extraordinary importance of your work makes me think… how convenient that you had such a burden to deal with. Wouldn’t have been the first time. Ask Catherine Austen Fitts. Take it as a compliment… you’re so over the target, (both of you). Keep it up.

  8. Whitney and Ryan, keep it coming !!!
    You and a few remaining alternative/investigative genuine journalists are saving the day, truly appreciated despite you facing obstacles from silicon valley giants. These days you have proved, – George Orwell’s nightmarish quote
    “TRUTH – It’s the New Hate Speech: “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act”
    All of your circles like Corbett , Grayzone, and many others, Thank you for the great jobs

  9. An ex-Mormon living in Utah, I recently reached out by email to Alison McDowell to ask her to expound on some intriguing comments she recently made regarding the Mormon church’s involvement in the impact investing schemes of the global resetters. Most of my email to her regarded this particular angle–Mormon involvement–but the second question regarded her parting of ways with important voices in independent media.

    What follows here is verbatim that second question which I put to her, her reply, and the ensuing exchange. (I am not including the Mormon stuff because it is unrelated, but suffice to say my entire original email to her was cordial, courteous and inquisitive, even offering interesting information of which she may be unaware regarding past presidents of the Mormon church who actually spoke out against the New World Order. I am happy to share the full email if interested.) I am sharing this because I think it is somewhat insightful as to her state of mind (and to my own as well, I suppose, but then I’m just a nobody media consumer, who was admittedly riled up by her rude reply). I think many of us in conspiracy space are really baffled by this woman–her contributions to our understanding are very valuable, yet there is something not quite right. I’m utterly bewildered with cognitive dissonance at this point and trying to understand how it is possible that someone whose coverage of the globalist’s schemes is so important could set herself against all the rest of those who are reporting on the same topic. Is this just her ego, or is there some fraud taking place with respect to Alison McDowell? What a strange saga!

    “On another, unrelated, note, I have to admit that the cognitive dissonance has been strong ever since your parting of ways with other important voices in independent media (eg, Derrick Broze and Whitney Webb). I don’t understand this. Whitney Webb has been one of the most stellar and trustworthy reporters out there. Your reporting is so valuable and important, and I would really like to see you and James Corbett have an interview together, for example. I’m sure I speak for many. Just trying to understand. Corbett is one of the most thorough reporters out there when it comes to the WEF, but I haven’t heard him cover the impact investing material.

    Thanks for reading my email and for any reply.
    –Dan Flynn”

    Her reply to me was a link to a talk she recently gave here in Salt Lake City, followed by this jarring statement:

    “Also, the comments about Broze and Webb are uncalled for. If you don’t get it I can’t help you. You are a media consumer – period.”

    “Thanks for the link. As far as what I said about Broze and Webb, it is a question, not merely a comment. Uncalled for is your insulting reply–that’s what I really don’t get. You only hurt your cause.
    What do you even mean by ‘You are a media consumer – period’? What an insane reply! I am so taken aback.”

    “I can’t help you. Do your own homework.”

    “What a disappointing fraud. You pay lip service to how we must unite to defeat the transhumanists, but then you consistently repel those on your side. ‘Do your own homework’ is a mantra of snobs.”

    “You project. Take responsibility for your path. Do the work.”

    “So full of yourself. I ask what you even mean by calling me a ‘consumer of media – period’–an answer that can only come from you–and your answer is ‘do your homework’. And now you gaslight–O Virtuous One–implicitly accusing me of not taking responsibility. Contacting the author was exactly the very essence of doing one’s homework here. Yoi just need to be revered and hate being called out. Anyway, I’ll continue sharing humble Webb and gang and avoid sharing your stuff with people. So disappointing.”

    “Fine by me Dan. We’re not heading to the same place. This isn’t my business. I’m not media talent. Be well.”

    “No you’re not, you’re an elitist.”

    You have no idea who I am.
    For you to presume such things says a lot about you however.
    Get your own house in order.

    (At this point she shared a youtube link showing her getting arrested in 2019 while advocating for residents of a Philadelphia housing project [pay for success and Project Home].)

    “Speaking of projection though, you did that originally when you said ‘You are a consumer of media – period.’ You claim to know that about me? That comment was hurtful, presumptuous and full of highminded arrogance. All I had originally done was to ask sincerely your thoughts about your parting of ways with other important voices, and then you immediately lashed out (which is itself indicative, and seems to be a pattern). I was all ears, ready to sincerely consider your perspective on the matter, something that can only come from you, not from some notion of doing more homework–my question to you WAS the homework. You were obviously triggered by my question, which is also insightful. This is just awful behavior on your part, so don’t speak to me about getting my house in order.
    Ever since coming across your stuff in your interview at Propaganda Report I had immense respect for you and have been trying to spread the word to as many as possible. Even after hearing about how you sided with that thief who screwed over Whitney Webb, and your hateful response to disagreeing with others regarding cryptocurrencies, I figured there must just be a misunderstanding. But now, ironically enough, my question on that front has been fully answered, as you have revealed your pattern to me. Also, the fact that you keep engaging with this nobody of a media consumer named Dan shows me you secretly doubt your self-righteousness. Come down from your high place, Alison.”

    Me again:
    “Oh I just noticed the youtube link and watched the video. Nice work! I can clearly see that you are no mere consumer of media, but a very righteous defender of the downtrodden. Ironically, you just performed more elitism in sending me this.”

    Of course I have received no further replies, naturally, given my remark about how she kept engaging with a media-consuming nobody.

    Is this just ego? Or is something else going on with Alison McDowell?

  10. It’s obvious Raul is a thief and liar who had the motive and the means to steal the money. I’m even more disappointed that Whitney would date a hardcore satanist who refers to himself as ‘Black Star’ with a pentacle and speaks in symbolic satanic code with her.

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