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US Airstrikes Kill At Least 13 Civilians In Syria, Including 7 Women

US and coalition warplanes attacked the village of Shafah, in eastern Syria, overnight on Tuesday, killing at least 13 civilians and by some accounting 15. Seven of the slain were women.

The coalition has declined comment on the Tuesday night attacks, and when pressed by the media simply referred them to a previous statement. That statement, however, addressed an attack on Sunday, in which they claimed 150 ISIS fighters were killed in the same village.


Shafah is a village along the Euphrates River, not far from the Iraqi border. The Sunday attack statement claimed ISIS had their “headquarters” in Syria at that village. Having claimed to have destroyed it, however, it’s unclear why they keep attacking the site.

The Sunday attack, however, included a statement that the US was very certain it was impossible that no civilians could’ve been killed. It’s clear that was not the case in the Tuesday strike, though this may be one of those incidents which never officially finds its way into Pentagon reports.



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