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Understanding Fluoride And How To Test Your Local Water Supply For It

As more people begin to wake up, they are starting to learn that the government has been putting Fluoride in the public water for years. They are also learning that despite what “experts” say, Fluoride might not be so healthy for exposure or human consumption. There is tons of information swirling around on the topic, so I thought it would be best to catch people up to speed.

Presented is a series of two videos on the subject. One is a brief introduction into what fluoride is and its effects at high and low doses. The other is a set of instructions on how to cheaply test the water in your own community to see the level of Fluoride that exist within it. By arming yourself with research on Fluoride as well as knowing how to test water samples yourself, you will have plenty of ammo to hold up in any type of debate. Knowledge is power, but only when action is taken upon it. It’s time to use this knowledge to wake people up and take direct action upon it. This is how real change happens.

Shout out to StormCloudsGathering and DAHBOO77 for putting these videos together. Your research is respected.

Tim Bryant
An avid free-thinker, Tim has set out on a mission in search of the truth in whatever form it may come. Ever since his awakening several years ago, his passion for knowledge and justice has led him on a journey into deep research, cultural travel, and complete expansion of the mind. Tim feels as if the information freely flowing into the hands of the public, due to the dawn of the Internet, cannot be stopped at this point, so he has made it his goal to help facilitate and breakdown this complex stream of information, so that others can accelerate their own awakening and be part of the inevitable change happening in society.

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