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US Quietly Deploys Troops To Gabon Amid Fears Of Unrest In Congo

While the election in Congo was relatively quiet, the US is expecting that there will be protests when the results are announced. The anticipation is enough that President Trump has ordered to send troops to neighboring Gabon, and is warning the Congolese not to protest. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is reporting that the US sent about 80 Read More…

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Democrats And Republicans Unite In Panic Over Syria Pullout, Afghanistan Drawdown

Open-ended war continuation has so much momentum in the US that President Trump’s announced pullout from Syria shocked the nation. Followed up the same week with a drawdown from Afghanistan, the mainstream is now completely apoplectic. On the left and right, comfort with the status quo was virtually uniform. The arguments behind condemning the drawdowns vary Read More…

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As The US Spent $1.5 Million A Day To “Fight” Afghan Heroin Production, Heroin Output Quadrupled

For 16 years, the US has dumped $1.5 million a day into Afghanistan to fight heroin production and in that time, heroin production has more than quadrupled. On November 5 yet another US soldier was killed by a member of Afghanistan’s military forces, as the country continues to be wracked by violence in its seventeenth year of Read More…

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US Blames Iran For Impoverishing Civilians While Prepping Further Sanctions

The United States government is preparing to implement an additional level of sanctions against Iran for its refusal to meet a dozen demands that are so absurdly unreasonable that they have been called a regime change policy in all but name. The sanctions which have already been implemented have already badly hurt the Iranian economy, the sting of Read More…

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If The Migrant Caravan Is An “Invasion” What’s The Term For What The US Is Doing In Syria, Iraq, etc.?

No, the 5,000 people fleeing violence—created by the United States—is not an invasion, but US tanks rolling through the streets of Syria certainly is. (TFTP) Depending on which side of the TV you get your information from, you’re either waiting for thousands of migrant women and children seeking their part of the American dream to Read More…

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Oh, How Warmongers Lie – The War For Minerals In Afghanistan

For seventeen years we have been told that the war in Afghanistan was to avenge 9/11 and defeat the Taliban. In 2001 shortly after the attacks of 9/11, a conscious decision was made to start brainwashing Americans to fear that terrorism is all around us much like the Red-Scare in the 1980’s, they just replaced communist with terrorist. Terror, Read More…