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The Real Reason Why Blackstone is Courting the Pentagon

The sudden push by Wall Street’s largest private equity firm to heavily lobby the Pentagon and State Department for largely unspecified reasons is part of an increasingly visible conflict within the U.S. establishment regarding how to handle the Artificial Intelligence “arms race.” One of Wall Street’s largest private equity firms, the Blackstone Group, has been Read More…

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New “Humanitarian” Tech Program In Syria “Invented” By Former State Dep’t, Arab Spring Participants

It’s been a few months since mainstream media has presented its audience with a State Department super hero acting as a “humanitarian” in Syria. But, never to disappoint, Andrew Gold of Wired as well as a host of other writers (at the same time) have been extolling the virtues of three new tech heroes who have designed Read More…

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The Council On Foreign Relations Says Domestic Propaganda Is Necessary

One year ago, a State Department press event included quite possibly the most epic “deer in the headlights” moment in all of government press briefing history. During the final press briefing in May of 2017, the State Department put high level official Stuart Jones at the podium to give the daily briefing, and he was Read More…

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Mattis Threatens Military Action Over Syria Gas Attack Claims, Then Admits “No Evidence”

“I don’t have the evidence,” Mattis said. “What I am saying is that other groups on the ground – NGOs, fighters on the ground – have said that sarin has been used, so we are looking for evidence.” This week the American public was once again bombarded by fresh headlines alleging the Syrian government under Read More…

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Shuttering The State Dept’s War Crimes Office May Be A Good Thing

Since its founding, the State Department’s Office of Global Criminal Justice has proven to be ineffective and guided only by political motivations, rather than humanitarian ones. WASHINGTON, D.C. — According to reports, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is set to shut down a State Department office that is charged with investigating war crimes. A U.S. official familiar with Read More…