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Should Society Consider A Truth And Reconciliation Commission In Order To Achieve World Peace?

As many followers of independent media have become aware, the United States, and really the world entirely, have fallen victim to an onslaught of mass corruption at almost all levels of society. There is almost no large-scale institution that has not been infiltrated and used as a tool by the elite moneyed interests to further Read More…

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This One Photo of the Olympics Sums Up Everything Wrong With Society

The 31st Olympic summer games are underway in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and thousands of athletes and spectators from around the world have gathered for the event which will serve as prime time entertainment for the next couple of weeks. Every four years an insane amount of money is dumped into the spectacle as host Read More…

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Money Equals Energy, But Right Now The Math Doesn’t Add Up

Now I know that a lot of people would love to live without money, but the fact is that money is a very useful tool in today’s complex world. At its root, money is the medium in which we use to exchange energetic value amongst each other, whether that’s by trading goods, services, or time. Read More…

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A World Disconnected From Its Imagination

As the world continues to awaken to the true nature of reality, the frequency of real truth gets stronger and stronger amongst the collective consciousness. The longer this journey goes on, the closer it gets to identifying the root causes of what’s fundamentally wrong with today’s world. While the alternative media often discusses all the Read More…