sex crimes
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Sex Criminals Revealed On A Large Scale

The press will only go so far. Then the curtain drops… We are seeing some exposure of sexual predators. But there are very large cases already out in the open. And the press carries out its prime directive: cover the issue BUT don’t follow up, don’t reveal the stunning implications. Here are just three examples Read More…

sex crimes
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Cops & Gov’t Workers Arrested In Massive Sting, People Buying Kids As Young As 4 For Sex

A massive sting targeting society’s worst, who prey on children, ensnared scores of people including a police officer, postal worker, and a teacher. Trenton, NJ — (TFTP) Scores of people were arrested this week in a multi-agency sting that targeted child predators. “Operation Safety Net” was led by the New Jersey Regional Internet Crimes Against Read More…

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LAPD Announces Investigations Into 28 Big Name Hollywood Moguls For Multiple Sex Crimes

The topic of sexual assault has exploded in Hollywood, and although it’s not the first time stars have been called out, and this type of activity has plagued Hollywood for decades, it’s the first time the issue has received such widespread attention. This is in part thanks to the recent revelations about Harvey Weinstein, a major film executive Read More…

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Sheriff Who Trump Pardoned Protected Pedophiles By Refusing To Investigate 100s Of Child Sex Crimes

Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s office failed to investigate over 400 sex crimes—with victims as young as 2 years old—in many of which the suspects were already known. (TFTP) President Trump issued his first official pardon on Friday, sparing former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was found guilty of criminal contempt after he violated a court order Read More…

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Clearing Up The Half-Truths Of “Pizzagate” & Political Blackmail

With many recent headlines suggesting upcoming warfare in Syria, research trends like the investigation that has become known as “Pizzagate,” are quickly falling by the wayside. The investigation currently rests heavily on speculation and circumstantial evidence. Yet, this speculation and circumstance has been cultivated from a certain thread of undeniable facts involving political sex blackmail Read More…