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FBI Won’t Charge Hillary Clinton, Yet Snowden Was Branded A Criminal

It’s intriguing to consider that after Edward Snowden, a former NSA subcontractor, leaked secret information about the government’s surveillance activities, he was charged with “theft of government Property”, “unauthorized communication of national defense information” and “willful communication of classified communications intelligence information to an unauthorized person.” Hillary Clinton, however, the Democratic presidential nominee in this year’s Read More…

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FBI Admits Clinton Broke Multiple Laws — Announced They Will NOT Indict Her 

On Tuesday, FBI Director James Comey announced the results of their investigation into the Clinton email scandal. The results, while predictable, are nothing short of a kick in the teeth of Americans. After admitting Clinton broke several laws, Comey announced their decision not to charge her. “Although the Department of Justice makes final decisions on matters Read More…

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Here’s The Proof DNC Used Media To Rig Election For Hillary Clinton

While Bernie Sanders’ supporters and independent media outlets have exhaustively pointed out that corporate media’s fatuous prattling over Hillary Clinton likely tipped the elections in her favor, we now have solid proof — leaked emails show the DNC colluded with mainstream outlets to heavily favor Clinton. “Our goals in the coming months will be to frame the Read More…

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Hillary Clinton – Corruption Over Precedent

Finally, the smoke has cleared, and Hillary Clinton is the Democratic candidate for the 2016 election, despite an onslaught of double-dealings, manipulation and outright voter fraud. This is bringing on mixed feelings from a lot of people, for a lot of reasons, from feminism to loss of freedom to whom she is up against. For Read More…

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Official Inquiry Finds Hillary Broke Federal Rules with Email Use

A recent report from the State Department has found that Hilary Clinton clearly broke federal rules with her private email use by ignoring State Department guidance and leaving her information vulnerable. An official general review and inspection from the State Department revealed that her personal server was breached due to hacking attempts in 2011, something Read More…