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The Petrodollar Is Under Attack: Here’s What You Need To Know

Once upon a time, the U.S. dollar was backed by the gold standard in a framework that established what was known as the Bretton-Woods agreement, made in 1944. The dollar was fixed to gold at a price of $35 an ounce, though the dollar could earn interest, marking one notable difference from gold. The system ended up Read More…

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Iran And Qatar Just Dealt A Major Blow To The US And Saudi Arabia

The U.S. and its allies are learning the hard way that independent countries cannot be bullied into submission. Late last week, Qatar restored full diplomatic relations with Iran in the face of mounting isolation from the majority of its Gulf state neighbors. In the latest move, Qatar’s foreign ministry announced it was sending its ambassador back to Tehran Read More…

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CNN Caught Faking News Again: Now It’s The UAE, Not Russia, Who “Hacked” Qatar

Just over a month ago, we expressed amazement at just how sophisticated, efficient and pervasive the ‘Russian hacking’ community had become after CNN reported – citing unnamed government officials of course – that they had managed to hack into a Qatari News Agency and post a ‘fake’ news story all in an attempt to drive a Read More…

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Salafism Vs. Wahhabism: Qatar and Saudi Arabia’s Proxy War Rages In Syria Thanks To US Militarism

Salafi jihadist scholar Abdullah al-Muhaysini is one of many agents working on behalf of Qatar to combat Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabist ideology. Their battleground is Syria, where a so-called “civil war” is covering up a silent fight between competing political movements. BEIRUT (Op-Ed) – Qatar’s main man operating in Syria is Saudi Arabian Abdullah al-Muhaysini. He is Read More…

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Qatar May Be Turning Its Back On The US Dollar — And We All Know What That Means

Late last week, Saudi Arabia and other members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) that are involved in attempting to isolate Qatar sent the tiny Gulf nation a list of 13 demands. They are insisting that Qatar meet these demands within ten days or face unspecified further action. The list of demands includes Qatar shutting down Al-Jazeera and Read More…