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The Magic of Mushrooms – Psilocybin Effectively Reduces Depression/Anxiety in Cancer Patients

Fun fact: human beings have been enjoying psychedelic mushrooms for tens of thousands of years. Rock paintings in North Africa dating back to 9000 BC portray indigenous people using psychedelic mushrooms. They are depicted (along with peyote and other magic cacti) in many Aztec and Mayan sculptures, and were referred to by Aztecs as teonanácatl, Read More…

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Transmissible Hallucinations – Outbreak of Contagious Psychedelic Infection puts Oregon Hospital Under HAZMAT Quarantine

Around 3 AM on Wednesday October 12th officers in North Bend, Oregon were dispatched to help a local woman who was complaining of strangers vandalizing her car. The policemen arrived on the scene, and, much to their confusion, found no evidence or signs of vandalism whatsoever. So they left, puzzled. At 5:30 AM they got Read More…

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How the 1960’s Anti-War/Psychedelic Hippie Movement was Created by Military Intel 

In a world full of corrupt and convoluted presidential elections; massive propaganda campaigns in the so-called “Entertainment Industry;” elitist networks of pedophilia that stem from the Vatican, to the White House, all the way to Hollywood; Military Intelligence being the biggest drug smugglers on the planet; the Rockefeller/Clinton stimulated Ufology community; and a list that Read More…

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A Psychedelic Eventuality – The Hopeful Future of LSD

It’s one of the most popular counter-culture drugs available on the market. It has been praised by the likes of The Beatles, Aldus Huxley, Hunter S. Thompson, Steve Jobs, and countless other successful, historic cultural figures. But it remains illegal in every US state and in nearly every country on the planet. LSD – or, Read More…

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Iboga: Kicking Chemical Withdrawals Overnight with an Illegal Entheogen

A scientific study published in 2015 took another pharmacological look at the intensive therapeutic potential of the ancient African plant, iboga, by isolating it to its main hallucinogenic chemical component, noribogaine. Taking a look at the how the administration of noribogaine affected the self-administration that lab rats developed with nicoctine, leading to a clinical physical Read More…

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Scientific Studies of Ketamine Demonstrate it’s Massive Antidepressant Potentials

Ketamine is quite an interesting substance from a social perspective. Developed by Big Pharma as a powerful anesthetic for surgery-induction, it started to developed a name for itself recreationally among the fringe communities somewhere between the shamanistic-psychedelic mindset and the socially perceived drug addict. Taken at doses lower than its anesthetic-qualitative administration, ketamine is a Read More…