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“They’re killing me!” Unbearable Body Cam Shows Police Suffocate Innocent & Cuffed Man to Death

Oakland, CA — That now-familiar refrain represents the last spoken words by 51-year-old Oakland resident Hernan Jaramillo, an emotionally troubled man as his breath and life were crushed out of him by several police officers who had responded to his sister’s 911 call about a suspected intruder. Jaramillo was not a suspect and was supposedly Read More…

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Elderly Man Called 911 Due to Hunger, Officers Did Something Unexpected

Last Saturday, a disabled 79-year-old man called dispatchers saying he hadn’t eaten in two days and was hungry. The 911 call was a last resort for the elderly man, but it was answered by a group of police officers of Mt. Pleasant in Tennessee. WKRN News reports that a group of the station’s officers showed up at the hungry Read More…

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New Bill Would Make It Illegal To Videotape Police In Arizona

Sen. John Kavanagh, R-Fountain Hills, introduced Senate Bill 1054 this week, which would make it a crime for someone within 20 feet of an officer to knowingly take video of any law enforcement activity without the officer’s permission. The new bill would also allow officers to stop someone from recording law enforcement activity, even on their own property, Read More…