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Election Special Part 3: How The Bipartisan Swamp Is Engineering Election Chaos In Philadelphia

In Part 3 of the 2020 Election Special, Ryan and Whitney discuss the two connected groups run by former national security officials and their efforts to undermine and mortally wound US democracy in its birthplace, Philadelphia. ( ( Video Source Links: Read More…

civil asset forfeiture
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City Forced To Abolish Civil Asset Forfeiture And Pay Back Victims The Millions It Stole From Them

The innocent family that had their home seized by police through civil asset forfeiture fought back, and their victory will affect other residents for years to come. Philadelphia, PA – (TFTP) The city that has gained a reputation for the egregious civil asset forfeiture practices committed by its police department, will now be forced to dismantle Read More…

democracy springs
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#DemocracySpring Has Sprung, With 140-Mile March Before DC Sit-Ins, Arrests

Taking their first steps “along the path to a better future,” roughly 150 people on Saturday began a 140-mile march from Philadelphia to Washington, D.C., marking the official launch of the mass civil disobedience campaign known as Democracy Spring. “Some of us will have never marched for anything,” read a statement from the movement in Read More…

first amendment
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Federal Judge Rules “There is No First Amendment Right to Film the Police”

In yet another constitutional setback for the United States, a Federal Judge ruled that citizens do not have the First Amendment right to record police in public. Unless of course one makes clear their intention of calling out the officer’s misconduct before filming. US District Judge Mark Kearney of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, who has been on Read More…

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It’s Always Radioactive 100 Miles East of Philadelphia: An Analysis of Modern Nuclear Energy

Regarding the future, it can be measured and statistically quantified (although certainly never precisely) in a number of ways, some of which certain people might argue are nonexistent, and others being more tangible, irrefutable concepts. For instance: global population as a trajectory of future standpoint, or current geopolitical structures, the scope of global agriculture, or Read More…