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Who Is Calling The Shots?

“The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers.” Thomas Jefferson The idea of the United States, at one point, was synonymous with the idea of vision, morality, and leadership. A shining light in a world drowning within corruption and dishonesty. This was at least the Read More…

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After US Refused to Charge Them for Laundering Terrorist Money, Megabanks Busted AGAIN

An investigative reporting coalition recently released a report alleging a multi-billion dollar money laundering operation that has affected hundreds of banks and companies in 96 countries including the repeat offender, HSBC. In 2012, HSBC, one of the world’s largest banks, settled with the U.S. Government, avoiding criminal prosecution of its executives, for helping to launder money Read More…

Federal Reserve
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The Federal Reserve Explained in 3 Minutes

Money – whether it’s a tangible piece of paper or a number on a screen – is intrinsically worthless, yet it fuels the modern world. In America the ultimate control of money rests with the bankers of the Federal Reserve System. Because of this it is detrimental that we as citizens understand how this shadowy Read More…

Project Veritas
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Rigging the Election – Project Veritas Video IV: Chasing The Money

In yet another profound release by Project Veritas Action, it is revealed that the extent to which the Clinton campaign will go to win clearly has no bounds, and zero moral and ethical restrictions: “…Brad and Bob and Lux and myself, are all part of the old-school method where is doesn’t matter what the frickin’ Read More…

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Money Equals Energy, But Right Now The Math Doesn’t Add Up

Now I know that a lot of people would love to live without money, but the fact is that money is a very useful tool in today’s complex world. At its root, money is the medium in which we use to exchange energetic value amongst each other, whether that’s by trading goods, services, or time. Read More…

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Anonymous Has Declared War on the Banking Cartel: #OpIcarus

For the past couple weeks, Anonymous has engaged in what can easily be considered one of their most entertaining and effective operations, entitled #OpIcarus, and aimed at what can be considered the Globalist Banking network. This operation has been instigated largely by Anonymous sub-groups and correspondents with The Last American Vagabond, Ghost Squad Hackers and LulzSec Read More…