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Oh, How Warmongers Lie – The War For Minerals In Afghanistan

For seventeen years we have been told that the war in Afghanistan was to avenge 9/11 and defeat the Taliban. In 2001 shortly after the attacks of 9/11, a conscious decision was made to start brainwashing Americans to fear that terrorism is all around us much like the Red-Scare in the 1980’s, they just replaced communist with terrorist. Terror, Read More…

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“AmazonLog” — A Military Drill With Vast Amazonian Aspirations

While placing pressure on Venezuela could well be part of the agenda behind the public face of this week’s combined military drill, the move is likely reflective of the larger goal of establishing a permanent U.S. military presence in the Amazon. CHILE – Back in May, MintPress News reported on the announcement of a U.S. military drill in Read More…

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US To Extract Minerals From Afghanistan To ‘Defray Cost Of US Assistance’

The U.S. military has had its eyes on Afghan mineral deposits for some time. A 2007 Pentagon memo that the New York Times quoted in a 2010 article says that Afghanistan could be the “Saudi Arabia of lithium.” U.S. Companies are planning on taking a larger role in extracting Afghanistan’s enormous reserves of valuable rare earth Read More…