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Coverup Questions Emerge Over Vegas Security Guard’s ‘Ellen’ Appearance

Following his sudden re-appearance on The Ellen Show after vanishing for 6 days, numerous questions remain unanswered about Mandalay Bay shooting hero Jesus Campos’ timeline and perhaps more concerning still is that The Daily Mail reports that he was pressured into giving his only interview to Ellen DeGeneres because the giant company that owns the Las Vegas Read More…

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5 Glaring Questions About Jesus Campos’ Appearance On Ellen That Need To Be Addressed

The Mandalay Bay Hotel security guard who was reportedly the first victim in the Las Vegas shooting has given his first and “only” interview. (TFTP) Mandalay Bay Hotel Security Guard Jesus Campos made headlines for reportedly being the first individual to encounter Las Vegas shooting suspect, Stephen Paddock. He has now made his first—and, according Read More…

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Yemenis To Americans: Your Las Vegas Massacre Is Our Everyday Life

The recent events in Las Vegas shook the entire nation, and the rest of the world has watched intently as authorities have struggled with their investigation and some independent media outlets have spread uninvestigated and sensationalized narratives. Yet one should always remember that events that shake the West from time to time regularly occur in countries across the globe — and Read More…

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Must See Footage: Muzzle Flashes Seen Coming From Helicopter During Las Vegas Massacre

In an investigation where each day seemingly gets weirder than the last, the latest shocking revelation in the ongoing cover-up of what actually happened during the Las Vegas Massacre comes in the form of video footage that may prove that victims of the attack were fired upon from the air. Multiple videos posted from the scene of Read More…

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Vegas Shooter Used Hotel Freight Elevator, His Reno Home Was Broken Into

More than a week after Stephen Paddock carried out the deadliest mass shooting in US history, Las Vegas Police and the FBI still have few clues about what motivated the millionaire semi-retired professional gambler to murder 59 people, and – perhaps more disturbing – no idea why he ended his reign of terror after just Read More…

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The Choose-Your-Own-Reality Theory Of Terror, Mass Shootings And Spiritual Warfare

By now, every possible angle of the Las Vegas shooting has been expounded upon by anyone with a website or a YouTube channel. Without a doubt, something doesn’t add up, but, we’ve gone through this before, many times now, and it never adds up. And it won’t ever add up, because the self-proclaimed authorities will never Read More…