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Jury Nullifies Georgia Weed Law, Finds Man Not Guilty Despite Admittedly Growing Marijuana

A marijuana user was found not guilty of drug charges—not because he didn’t do what he was accused of, but because the jury disagreed with the law. Laurens County, GA – (TFTP) Javonnie Mondrea McCoy is a medical marijuana patient in a state where the plant is still illegal and was recently in court facing charges Read More…

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Innocent Man Sentenced To Prison For Standing On Sidewalk, Informing People Of Their Rights

Keith Wood was sentenced to time in jail after he faced both felony and misdemeanor charges for passing out jury nullification pamphlets outside of a courthouse. Big Rapids, MI — A former pastor will serve time in jail for a conviction of “jury tampering,” after he was arrested and charged with a felony for handing out Read More…