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Anti-Russia Sanctions Will Destroy US Petrodollar & The Economy—Get Ready For $10 Gas

Tuesday morning, Pence announced Trump is going to sign the Russian sanctions bill. This will guarantee the end of the US petrodollar. (TFTP) The United States is on the precipice of pushing the Sino-Russo alliance closer than ever with the Senate’s almost unanimous approval of the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act. If President Trump signs the Read More…

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U.S. Destabilizes Venezuela, Syria To Retain Hegemony In Global Oil, Gas Markets

The ongoing crises in Syria and Venezuela have been described by mainstream media as the result of failed leadership. In truth, their troubles are the result of U.S.-led regime change efforts masquerading as humanitarian aid to control both nations’ lucrative oil and gas industries. Separated by thousands of miles and embroiled in ostensibly unique conflicts Read More…