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Brexit: What We’re Not Being Told About The European Union Referendum

In the EU referendum about whether or not the UK should remain in the European Union, the UK government warns that leaving the EU could mean 10 years of uncertainty as new trade deals are formed, and even a collapse of the UK  economy with a year of recession. Meanwhile, the news media and anti-EU Read More…

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Reshaping Geopolitics: Breaking Down The Current “Free Trade” Deals

For many people still unaware, there are a variety of “free trade” deals being negotiated and worked on between various swaths of countries all over the world. As we have reported on several times at The Last American Vagabond, TPP is one of those under the radar trade deals that is attempting to be passed Read More…

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Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube Sign Pledge to Suppress Speech and Promote ‘Counter Narratives’

Facebook, already increasingly known for widespread censorship of controversial content, just joined Twitter, YouTube, and Microsoft in agreeing to a European Commission “Code of Conduct” that’s even more Orwellian in scope than it sounds. Under the guise of battling hate speech, illegal in the European Union, these incredibly popular online platforms have agreed not only Read More…

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Public Rebellion Over European Plan to Extend Use of Glyphosate Weed Killer

A wave of opposition has slammed the brakes on a plan to re-approve the use of Monsanto’s toxic glyphosate in the European Union as a number of member states, buoyed by growing public outcry, launched a shock rebellion against the proposal. European Commission leaders met behind closed doors in Brussels on Monday to hold a Read More…

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Assange Leaks EU’s Contempt for Libyan Refugees

The world heard once again from that crazy white-haired Aussie at, this time brandishing a leaked classified European Union document, the leak titled: “EU defense chiefs approved plan for military intervention against “refugee boats” in Libya and the Mediterranean.” Only 11 pages, it was surprising even by governmental document standards how much bureaucratic nonsense Read More…