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Under Cover Of Coronavirus Congress Introduces Bill That Allows Gov To Control All Internet Content

While only one topic is dominating the news, there are other significant changes taking place in the background. Ryan Cristián — The Last American Vagabond — takes a look at a proposal called the EARN IT bill by none other than Lindsey Graham which would see all online messages scanned by government. Is this Internet Martial Law? Read More…

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Trump’s Attorney General Vows War On Encryption

Jeff Sessions has been approved as Attorney General by the Senate Judiciary Committee and his confirmation is now a foregone conclusion. But he is a proponent of the phony war on drugs, a supporter of mass government surveillance, and has vowed to mandate encryption backdoors for “national security.” Today we talk to Derrick Broze about Read More…

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Computational Trust: Email Leaks, Voter Fraud and Secure Encryption

$45 Trillion Dollar Market Bubble and When it Pops it is Going to Stick on You Like an Ugly Tattoo! As David Stockman, former director of the Office of Management and Budget under President Reagan, says in his new 2016 book called Trumped: “there is a $45 trillion dollar bubble.” When this pops who will you Read More…