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Capital Hill’s Personal Pharmacist Admits Alzheimer’s Drugs Are Being Delivered To Members Of Congress

“Nearly every day for at least two decades pharmaceutical drugs have been brought by the carload to the Capitol – an arrangement so under the radar that even pharmacy lobbyists who regularly pitch Congress on their industry aren’t aware of it.” When it comes time to place your support behind a public representative who will have Read More…

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Watch: Cop Accidentally Films Himself Planting Drugs to Frame Someone

Charges against a Maryland man who has been sitting in jail since January have been dropped after video surfaced of a cop falsifying evidence in the case, it was reported Wednesday. From the Baltimore Sun: “Baltimore police and prosecutors have launched investigations after being alerted to body camera footage that the public defender’s office says shows an Read More…

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For the First Time in History, British Medical Journal Calls for the Legalization of ALL Drugs

(RT) — Doctors have an “ethical responsibility” to back the legalization of drugs, the British Medical Journal (BMJ) has advised for the first time. An editorial in the BMJ, the UK’s most widely-read medical journal, argues that laws against drug use have harmed people across the world, while stressing that drug addiction should be viewed as a Read More…

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Captagon – The Drug of Choice for Western-Backed Islamic Rebels

Captagon? What’s that, you may ask? Captagon is the addictive drug used by some of the numerous terrorists, jihadis, mercenaries and Western-backed rebels in Syria – including Al-Nusra and ISIS. Captagon (aka fenethylline, Biocapton or Fitton) was first produced in 1961 as a mix of amphetamine and theophylline. It became illegal in most countries in 1986 due to WHO pressure. Being Read More…

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FDA Found Manipulating The Media In Favor Of Big Pharma

The FDA favors the medical industry over consumers’ health. Although the Federal Drug Administration is thought to serve American consumers by keeping them safe and well-informed, they are doing just the opposite by controlling the media and science press in order to create misleading and one-sided articles. An investigation into documents released through the Freedom of Information Read More…

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Baton Rouge Shooter Had PTSD, Prescribed Multiple Meds With Side Effects of Homicidal Thoughts

Baton Rouge, LA — Sunday morning, on his 29th birthday, a Missouri man, and honorably discharged Marine, Gavin Long, engaged in a deadly shootout with police. His murderous rampage left three Baton Rouge police officers dead and three others injured. Gavin Long had PTSD. According to CNN, a source involved in the investigation of the murders told them Long Read More…